Pro Toolbox Check - Nigel Reeve - Stevie Smith & Mark Wallace's Mechanic

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Nigel Reeve, Devinci Global Racing mechanic to Stevie Smith (RIP) and Mark Wallace.
A mechanic is only as good as his tool kit and Nigel Reeve has traveled with the World Cup circus long enough to know exactly what he needs.
Four days to build and $1200 in carbon and bolts is a small price to pay for perfection.
Nigel made sure Stevie's bike was flossed and ready at the Lourdes World Cup earlier this year. Stevie placed 2nd! Photo by Sven Martin
Sender going 1000mph in Cairns at his last World Cup race. Photo by Sven Martin
A Hadley axle can do many things.
Metal Park tire levers may require a gentler touch but they always get the job done.
Ancient chain tool.
Over-flow stash spot.
Mathieu Dupelle-influenced. Beta Tools allens and Torx.
Lossless connector and accurate to .01 PSI thanks to Stevie.
It's not a Pro Toolbox Check without the random trinket.
RockShox shock pump with Reset Racing zero-loss connector.
Mark Wallace is in good hands this year. Leogang steeze. Photo by Duncan Philpott
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‚ÄčKeeping the Canadian dream alive on behalf Devinci, Stevie Smith and Mark Wallace. Dig into the custom World Cup tool kit of Nigel Reeve. #longlivechainsaw

Photos and interview by Fraser Britton


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