Attention adults, kids and non-humans. If you want to know the tricks of the trade for setting up the ultimate fun bike, Listen to Kirt Voreis below. He's ridden it all throughout the years and has taken the lumps so you don't have to.

Kirt's on a size large Niner Rip 9 RDO with 140mm rear travel via FOX X2 coil shock. He's in super-stiff mode running a 475-pound spring on the shock and a FOX 36 fork at 160mm travel. Kirt rolls in the high flipchip setting for jibbing and one-wheeling. His Telus dropper post lever is cut so he can barspin without worrying about activating the post mid-throw. Deity Deftrap pedals with small pins and Deity cockpit keep him anchored. Stan's Flow wheels with Schwalbe Magic Mary front tire and Big Betty rear tire are inflated upwards of 38 PSI. The dog collar to hides steer tube spacers for a fashionable look in a time of short head tubes many spacers.

James Stokoe
Pro Bike: Kirt Voreis' Niner Rip 9 RDO Slalom Bike

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