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Pro Bike Check: Fabien Barel's Canyon Strive AL 9.0 Race 16

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Fabien for life. Though not available in the USA, you can visit the Canyon Bikes website for more info on this bike.

Photos by Brandon Turman and Jérémie Reuiller
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bturman bturman 4/3/2013 9:15 AM

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hehe Bike Sweden what a load of typical marketing stuff you are throwing in here, obvious facts, equipment that nearly every serious bike company must have (apparently Evil probably didn't...). I thought one of the most serious magazines is called Happymtb that has special relationship with Canyon and Rose brands along with Merida (for some reason). You sound like you bought one and you are making tons of post-rationalizing. Let's face it, those bikes were crap in terms of geometry and stiffness of the rear end. They were bloody cheap, that's all. But I believe and I am sure that Fabien along with Dudes of Hazard will finaly turn it all into a really great thing.

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Canyons bikes has one of the most wellengineerd, wellbuilt frames i have seen, they even have CT-Scanner for the carbonframes(X-ray) in there factory (search on Canyon Factory Tour, youtube) take a look on all the reviews, from Bike Mag, Dirt mag, and the long test from one of the most serious magazines Mounting Biking UK. So wakaba 123, you couldnt be more wrong, but i respect that some in the industry feels that directselling is a threat to bikeshops, i dont, i think they can co exist
Best Regards from Sweden

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Canyon is a mailorder outfit. Cheap underperforming chinese frames with scriptblingparts. Play the "big" value game. Overpriced. Bit of a joke overhere. If you get close to the frame - really low end speced. No resale value whatsoever.

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Man we miss out on a bunch cool bikes in the US. No Canyon, Lapierre, Mondraker...

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Do you think this is true for all riders and bike geometries or just his setup? I've actually thought the same thing as I've been experimenting but no one believes me! Its cool to have short low stem right now.

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Looking forward to see what they will develop together with Fabien. In an earlier interview it sounded like it would be something similar to the Forward Geometry that he helped develop with Mondraker. And maybe mixed with some carbon and some slightly bigger wheels!? Hoping the new enduro bike will be as good a deal as the Strive...

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That's a good-looking bike! Anyone know why there is a pinch bolt assembly in the lower shock mount/axle? It does not appear to be eccentric. Also it strikes me that the Knucklebox used here is so small, compared with the DB Missions/Goats, which I assume have the same travel. This is a 150-160mm travel bike, right?

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