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Your 15th place finishing bike from the Fort William World Cup and 23rd from Lourdes. Benoit Coulanges has been repping the gearbox for a while now. He's probably never made a Vital RAW b/c no one can hear him coming. If you like it, learn more about it.

Benoit only runs 6 gears in there, to save weight (it will take up to 10) because he doesn’t need all the ratios. About 3 clicks on a derailleur between each gear, so much bigger steps. He really likes it. 17.5kg or so, not much heavier than Nicolai with a standard drivetrain. The rear hub is fixed, the freecoaster is in the gear box. It runs maintenance free basically forever.

For all you uber tech nerds, here's the official stats via nicolai.net.

Johan Hjord
PIT BITS - Leogang World Cup Downhill


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