Sedona riders had a chance to try what may be the world's best coil shock. PUSH is continually working to create tunes specific to new models, and the number of shocks they had ready to roll for a wide variety of bikes was impressive. Metric-sized shocks are currently available, and they are also working on trunnion mount versions.

The shock itself got even better for 2017 thanks to a new Micro-XD coating used on both the internals and externals. Micro-XD is an extremely hard coating with higher than normal lubricity which basically allows the shock to work better because it’s even slicker than before. Durability is also improved both outside and inside the shock. Also new for 2017, PUSH has moved to a higher volume reservoir to improve the thermal properties of the shock. PUSH noticed that after switching to the shock many riders were ditching their downhill bikes in favor of a do-it-all enduro shred-sled meaning the bikes were being pushed harder than ever before in bike park and downhill scenarios. The higher volume reservoir aims to bring an even better performance level in those situations.

PUSH claims the new shock maintains the incredible level of traction that the original was able to provide, but thanks to the new piston design it provides a more playful feel, meaning you can push into stuff and get a fun, spritely response out of the bike. The changes to the shock are backwards compatible meaning that if you own an existing ElevenSix shock all you have to do is get in touch with PUSH to get the upgrades.

Brandon Turman
PIT BITS - Fresh Products from the Sedona Mountain Bike Festival

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