The 2017 MRP Ribbon fork has a unique design that was inspired by riders who often find themselves in wet conditions where mud clogs the back of a normal fork arch. Aside from its unique look, the Ribbon has a new air spring which allows you to independently adjust the positive and negative spring pressures to dial in the feel. The damper side uses an IFP instead of a bladder in search of improved long-term performance. There's also a new rebound shim configuration and easier to use axle.

The fork has air bleeders on the back to relieve pressure in the lowers due to temperature changes or prolonged use, and has lower friction dust wipers compared to previous versions.

It will come in 27.5+/29 with 120-150mm travel that will fit up to 27.5 x 3-inch tires or a 27.5 version with 140-170mm travel for tires up to 2.6-inches wide. It's equipped with 35mm stanchions and weighs 1,860g.

Brandon Turman
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