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Welcome to Vital MTB's coverage of the 2017 Sedona Mountain Bike Festival. Before we fill you in on all of the awesome trails in the area, here's a look at dozens of fresh finds from the pits.

As Bryson Martin hinted in The Inside Line podcast, DVO has a bunch of new goodies coming soon. What you see here is the new Beryl fork (short for Beryllium), which slots in at $300 less than the high-end Diamond fork without sacrificing on-trail performance.

How'd they pull it off? Thanks to some clever reductions in external adjustments they were able to reduce the manufacturing costs. OTT negative spring and high-speed compression are internally adjustable, while an easy to use low-speed compression adjustment remains on top of the right fork leg. The Beryl uses the same Diamond damper found in DVO's top of the line forks.

Brandon Turman
PIT BITS - Fresh Products from the Sedona Mountain Bike Festival


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