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Jade X Coil Prototype

The DVO Jade X coil is built to take a beating. It also features a shim stack configuration and damping profile said to provide control where it's needed and fast enough mid-stroke high-speed rebound rates to eliminate packing and get your bike back to its sag point quickly. DVO really beefed this one up structurally with a 14mm shaft and stronger bond to the eyelet, making it ideally suited to E-bike and enduro use, as well as on frame designs that put large stresses on the shock.

The Jade X has a T3 compression adjustment, rebound adjustment, and bladder pressure can easily be tweaked to suit your needs. There are also cooling fins to keep temps where they ought to be on long descents. It goes into production next month with standard, metric, and trunnion sizes from 185x50mm to 230x65mm.

Jade Twin Coil Prototype

Also new from DVO, the ultra-adjustable Jade Twin shock is for riders looking to really dial in their suspension setup. It offers low and high-speed compression and rebound, with additional damping coming from a mid-valve. This one has a 10mm solid shaft and thicker housing.

With E-bikes beginning to take hold in the USA, DVO has been putting in the miles to come up with better suspension solutions for guys that demand the most from their equipment. Expect to see some more new products tailored to the specific needs of e-bikes in the coming year. The blue fork you see here is actually a prototype with longer bushings and thicker crown.



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