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Five Ten showed us two new flat pedal riding shoes that will be available this February. Re-awakening the Trailcross moniker from a former Adidas trail-running shoe, the new Five Tens take existing Adidas technology and combine it with the bike-specific, flat-pedal design and the famous Stealth rubber, to bring something new to the MTB market. While the Trailcross is a departure from their skate-inspired shoes, Five Ten was clear to point out they’re not moving away from that shoe style. They believe there is room to diversify their line-up with new technical offerings.

The Five Ten Trailcross LT Flat Pedal Shoe, $130

The Trailcross uses a classic Adidas trail-running midsole that’s thinned out where the pedal and shoe come into contact. Thinning out the midsole reduces the amount of EVA foam resulting in less bounce from pedal vibrations. The outsole has bike-specific improvements and they kept the familiar dot-filled sole pattern. The height of the dots are the equal to the Five Ten Impact for aggressive grip.

The lightweight Trailcross LT is made to handle wet conditions, like stream crossings. Five Ten says they want water to be able to get in the shoe, but also out of the shoe. The main mesh material has no backing. for maximum ventilation. The two flex points in the sole act as drain ports, having been drilled out to allow water to flow out of the shoe. These features combined with the fabric-free footbed and sock liner mean water exits the shoe rapidly and easily. The heel cup of the shoe does not have full-wrap foam. Instead there are pads that grip and cup the heel and keep moisture retention to a minimum. While feet will get wet, a soggy shoe for the rest of the day is not the result.

The Five Ten Trailcross Mid Pro Flat Pedal Shoe, $160

The Five Ten Trailcross Mid Pro uses the same midsole and outsole technology as the LT. The goal of the Mid Pro is more protection and resistance to the elements. The mesh has backing, there’s a cuff around the ankle and the drain ports have been closed to prioritize keeping water out of the shoe. The ankle guards use D3O for added protection. The Five Ten Trailcross shoes arrive in February.



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