Building off their simple Recon slip-on pads, the Recon Advanced is an all-new concept from 661, featuring a long sleeved body with a number of different types of pads combined to create a high-end piece of protection that should be very comfortable to pedal in while offering significant protection in case of crashing. The main pad is made from D3O LP1 (a more ventilated version of D3O), with an optional and removable hardshell pad that can be added for extra protection. The Recon Advanced is compatible with 661's Padlock system (which allows the pads to be connected to armored shorts, for example). The Recon Advanced is going to be available early summer 2020, and should hit the shelves at $100 USD MSRP (the optional hardshell protector will set you back $15 USD extra).

With optional hardshell protector.

Johan Hjord

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