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Knolly has completely redesigned its Warden enduro rig for 2020. The geometry has been modernized while the company's "Fourby4" rear suspension layout has been retained. Fourby4 allows Knolly to independently tune all aspects of rear suspension performance when it comes to braking, pedaling, traction and control. In other words, the system allows for a degree of independence when tuning things like leverage ratios, anti-rise/anti-squat, and rear wheel path.

For the geo changes, Knolly made the new Warden longer and a bit slacker, while steepening and shortening the seat tube which will allow even shorter riders to run longer dropper posts going forward. The bike rolls on 27.5" wheels and offers 160mm of travel front a rear (an LT version has also been launched, with 168mm of rear travel, optimized for a 170mm fork).  A flip chip at the shock mount allows for fine tuning of the ride height and suspension characteristics. 

The new Warden is only available as an aluminum bike at the launch, it is possible that a carbon version could appear in the future, but with Knolly launching 3 new mountain bikes at the same time (Warden, Warden LT and Delirium), aluminum versions were favored to ensure that the company could pull it all off at the same time.

Johan Hjord / @iceman2058


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