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Jared Graves' Prototype Long-Travel Yeti SB6C with Switch Infinity - PIT BITS - 2014 Enduro World Series Colorado Freeride Festival - Mountain Biking Pictures - Vital MTB

Jared Graves is rocking a prototype Yeti SB6C bike with 157mm of rear wheel travel via their new Switch Infinity design. He'll be racing this at the Enduro World Series during the Colorado Freeride Festival.

The suspension works similar to the recently released SB5C, which you can see in this video:

Considering the appearance of Jared's frame and the high cost of carbon molds, it's safe to say this one will go to production soon. Stay tuned for updates.

Credit: Sven Martin

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  • Christian Peper

    7/25/2014 12:23 PM

    Looks like a sweet bike. I could pedal that thing around the parking lot. I'd be tempted to even go in the dirt with her. Yeti's always had a nice bike. I'd ride it.

  • bturman

    7/24/2014 8:53 PM

    Graves ripping on the new bike courtesy of Yeti's FB page:

  • TRex

    7/24/2014 4:30 PM

    Its two dicks in a box!

  • xc2dh99

    7/24/2014 4:13 PM

    Sick ass bike !

  • SomeGuy

    7/24/2014 2:19 PM

    Fox released a service manual for the Switch Infinity: http://www.ridefox.com/help.php?m=bike&id=465

  • reseRved

    7/24/2014 2:31 PM

    Pefect: So if I were to pony up for one of these magical dream steeds, given my current riding habits, I would only need to service that little flux capacitor EVERY MONTH.

  • bturman

    7/24/2014 2:39 PM

    "Need" is subjective. Who honestly follows recommended service intervals? Besides, the suggested service would take you all of 5 minutes.

  • reseRved

    7/25/2014 8:21 AM

    Not me for one. I was halfway joking, but that's still a significantly shorter interval than recommended fork and shock servicing periods which are usually around 100 hours.

  • Primoz

    7/25/2014 8:32 AM

    AFAIK that's 100 active hours. So quite a long time as long as you don't do bikeparks.

  • onenerdykid*

    7/25/2014 2:19 AM

    If you're not taking apart your bike and cleaning it after a month of riding, your bike will be a shit heap regardless.

  • MPH24

    7/24/2014 1:55 PM

    @bturman any ideas on the angles on this bike?

    I am very curious about this design. I know a lot of people thinks its a maintenance nightmare, but how this any different than a VPP bike that collects a ton of dust and mud in the bottom link? I get the rails are proprietary and you'll have to rely on yeti for warranty, etc. but since they are out in the open they should be very easy to wipe down or hose after a ride

  • bturman

    7/24/2014 2:37 PM

    Considering that the SB5C has angles similar to the SB66, I'd expect the SB6C to be even more aggressive.

    My best guess for this bike:

    Head Angle: 65 to 65.5 degrees (with 160mm fork)
    BB: 13.5-inches
    Chainstays: 17.4-inches
    Standover: Around 30-inches for all sizes
    Top Tube/Reach: Slightly longer than SB5C

  • MPH24

    7/24/2014 4:34 PM

    My guess as well. Is the thought here that the SB5C is more of the SB66 replacement and this bike something more aggressive than the SB66? Its a damn good looking bike

  • Maverickdh005

    7/24/2014 1:53 PM

    160 is the sweet, spot companies just do this to differentiate themselves and in the end limit consumer options imo, which ultimately means sales. SC do this well, SC also do Keep it Simple stupid well, meaning no gimmicks, Im not a fan of this thing or glory hole look, I have always lusted a for Yeti,but they keep doing fugly things that just put me off Im like my bikes that work without ei, lockouts, cables all ofer the place and funny high maintenance things, I bet this doesn't last long, before they change it again, why I didn't go SB66c when I really wanted too!

  • reseRved

    7/24/2014 1:30 PM

    What were the primary shortfalls of the previous Switch design and how does this improve on those? Disclaimer: if that is expressly addressed in the video my apologies. I fulfill my internet compulsions at work and setting the volume to zero is key to that end.

  • Primoz

    7/24/2014 2:12 PM

    Apparently it could get in a situation around the switch point where it would stiffen up. Though that was expirienced mainly by the faster, harder riders. Or something like that.

  • NastyNate

    7/24/2014 12:56 PM

    I love it!! Last week all the buzz was over there new 127mm travel bike. I commented on how that wasn't enough travel compared to all the other bike competition out there, at which point I received about -30. Several people commented that I didn't know what I was talking about cause Graves was killing it on a shorter travel bike...... Now a few days later he's riding 157mm of travel. Case closed.

  • bturman

    7/24/2014 1:08 PM

    Graves strongly considered the SB5C for this weekend's race, and may still use it at select events.

  • TRex

    7/24/2014 4:28 PM

    I'd consider even less travel and maybe drop bars for Winter Park.

  • reseRved

    7/24/2014 1:31 PM

    probably not a coincidence Nasty. Yeti probably read your comment and upped the travel when you showed them the light.

  • NastyNate

    7/24/2014 2:11 PM

    I figured that's probably what happened..... Yeti outta give my like 10% of all sales of this new bike for helping them out! But in all seriousness, if you can have more travel while still keeping the right geometry why wouldn't you want to? Ive been hammering down rough trails about 4 times a week for the last 20 or so years cause it's the funnest thing in the world to do! Keep in mind that some of that was done before suspension was even an option on MTB bikes, Having been through the whole epic saga that has gotten us to where we are today, I can honestly tell you that those old bikes with little or no suspension put some serious wear and tear on the body over time. 150-160mm of travel is a very good thing!

  • onenerdykid*

    7/25/2014 2:24 AM

    Yeti will still sell more SB5c than this "SB6c", for the same reason Specialized sells more Stumpjumpers than Enduros- it is more applicable in more states at more bike shops. They made the right business decision by launching the SB5c first.

  • silvbullit

    7/25/2014 8:23 AM

    I don't understand the negative props for you. Everyone seems drunk on the koolaid...I have multiple bikes to choose from and the 26" 32 pound, 180mm travel bike gets the most use because it is MORE FUN. I'm with you, having ridden and raced since 1994 the fun of short-travel or hardtail being more than a novelty died off for me in 96 when I bought my first Heckler.

  • emeterio

    7/24/2014 12:10 PM

    26 or 27.5?

  • bturman

    7/24/2014 1:08 PM


  • Terminator Z

    7/24/2014 11:23 AM

    Damn! That is one sexy bike!!!
    Move aside Nomad.

  • prestondh

    7/24/2014 11:25 AM

    i doubt this has anything on the nomad

  • prestondh

    7/24/2014 11:20 AM

    im still under the impression that this is over complicated and partially a marketing gimmick. i mean do they really need fox kashima coated switch rails...

  • NastyNate

    7/24/2014 1:08 PM

    I'm with you on this one prestondh. I would definitely wait for a long term review of how this "new technology" holds up before I dropped 9k on one of these bikes. Maybe it's the shit.... but my guess is it isn't, and it's gonna require a good amount of servicing which means more money and down time off the bike while its getting rebuilt. We shall see though.....

  • bturman

    7/24/2014 1:15 PM

    Yeti claims to have three years of riding in all conditions on a single prototype with no service required. Fox has also put the Switch Infinity system though a one million cycle slurry test.

  • prestondh

    7/24/2014 2:10 PM

    bturman, i read that on pinkbike from Joey when they had the Yeti forum yesterday. He is a good rider and a hard rider, but he is also an employee and the marketing guy for Yeti so i am taking that info as a grain of salt. I think it goes back to what NastyNate said, only time will tell, but there HAD to have been a more simple approach to suspension. Although from a business prespective, I get it. Yeti wants to try and seperate themselves from other companies, because alot of the full sus bikes are looking the same.

  • bturman

    7/24/2014 2:18 PM

    Sure, everyone could be making single pivots, but would they ride as well? What Yeti is able to achieve with the rail system is pretty cool.

  • Primoz

    7/24/2014 2:23 PM

    Well we don't have only single pivot designs. And it's not all about the way the suspension travel works. You need to factor in maintainability (changing bearings is simple, you need to order a new set of rails for this), the cost (the design of this frame or the modl for it is probably quite complex) and the stiffness. If you connect the stiffness and maintainability, what will happen when the bushings wear out in the switch link?

    I'm all for progress, but lets make that progress sensible. I don't see what's wrong with normal bearing and 4-bar linkages (mechanisms). They are proven to be working. And they can be made in a simple and stiff manner.

  • Wfo922

    7/24/2014 12:21 PM

    I agree. Was holding out on a new bike purchase waiting to see what yeti was going to do. I'm a little bummed. My sb95a has treated me well along with a clean simple design. This new bike is fugly.

  • domino0

    7/24/2014 12:55 PM

    You do realise that this system works in pretty much the same way as the original Switch Link found in your SB95a? The only real difference being the bearing within the eccentric has been replaced by a rail...

  • bturman

    7/24/2014 1:07 PM

    Ride the new bike then tell us if you're still bummed. I'm pretty sure you won't be.

  • Triber66

    7/24/2014 12:34 PM

    Really? Do you like the look of the sb66c? It's looks pretty much the same(awesome) to me, just with switch infinity in place of the previous switch

  • kobe10

    7/24/2014 11:12 AM

    make it available and u have my money .it looks amazing

  • Hittheshowers13

    7/24/2014 10:45 AM

    Not sure how awesome getting that thing clean would be on a regular basis, but I dig the look.

  • bturman

    7/24/2014 2:19 PM

    Not much harder than cleaning your fork stanchions.

  • Hittheshowers13

    7/24/2014 3:02 PM

    Access looks a little blocked is all. Have you ridden the new Infinity B? Seems like it's riding nice from the little amount of info out there.

  • jumpman2334

    7/24/2014 4:48 PM

    use moto foam

  • SaddleRags

    7/24/2014 10:58 AM

    I think I read that the pivot only goes a few millimeters up and down so maybe a plastic (or carbon) plate could snap over and act as a mud guard. Fox might insist on making it see-through to show off all that kashima?

  • iRossum

    7/24/2014 12:49 PM

    It is quite resistant to clogging, had a convo with some factory guys at tribe last weekend. In 3+ years of development I have a good idea they considered it.

  • brett

    7/24/2014 9:39 AM

    I have an SB66A and love it. I never feel "underbiked" but the one thing I don't understand about Yeti is they are always on the short end of travel. Why not just make it 165mm or 167mm of travel?

  • Primoz

    7/24/2014 2:11 PM

    It's not all about the travel, a good rider with 140 mm can keep up with someone else on a much more modern bike with 165 mm of travel, where the skill level doesn't differ that much. True, it depends on the trail, it can't be pure gnar, but even a 160 mm bike with todays design won't hold up all that well in that either.

    More isn't always better. I was wondering how a 130 mm bike would hold up at enduro events. With the fitness level these guys in the EWS have it probably wouldn't be a benefit, but for more recreational racers it might be a better choice (a lighter bike that's more chuckable). Though on the other hand more travel forgives the less expirienced riders more...

  • iRossum

    7/24/2014 9:48 AM

    Cuz the 160 mark is the g spot! Gotta power uphill too...

  • bturman

    7/24/2014 10:18 AM

    Knowing that the SB5C rides like it has 20-25mm more travel than it does, this SB6C shouldn't have any issues.

  • kidwoo

    7/24/2014 7:20 PM

    So this one blows through its travel too easily too?

  • lister_yu

    7/24/2014 8:46 AM

    I've he is doing well then a lot of those (pinkbike) armchair scientists will be proved wrong :-)

  • Mediaslave

    7/24/2014 8:27 AM

    Oooohoooohoooh...so pretty.

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