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Schwalbe's New Super Gravity Casing - 2013 Products from Interbike 2012, Part 2 - Mountain Biking Pictures - Vital MTB

Enduro riders and racers will be excited about this one. All too often we're forced to run DH tires when flats are a concern due to course conditions or high speeds, but we do so at the expense of weight and rolling resistance. Schwalbe decided it was time to make a DH capable tire in a smaller package for just that reason. The new casing is shown here on the 2.35-inch Hans Dampf. It is tubeless ready, has a folding bead, is reinforced on the sidewalls for a better bead lock and added stiffness, and weighs in at 995 grams. It's also available in the Vert Star compound previously only available on Schwalbe's DH tires.

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