NAET / Big Mountain Enduro Finals - Moab, Utah

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<b>Moab has some of the most spectacular scenery in Utah and is a true MTB mecca. The slickrock hamlet was the perfect setting for the Big Mountain Enduro and North American Enduro Tour finals which culminated with the hour-long Whole Enchilada.</b>
<b>The man with the plan, Brandon Ontiveros, gives racers the low down Friday before the racing started.</b>
<b>Racers showed up from all over the country to enjoy the historic Moab trails and atmosphere.</b>
<b>Day 1 consisted of 3 stages on the Mag 7 trail system and an all-out anaerobic battle.</b>
<b>An unknown racer makes their way through the juniper trees with the La Sal Mountains looming in the background. 2014 in the BME sounds exciting with more big mountain terrain lined up.</b>
<b>What does it take to win the Big Mountain Enduro series? Attack every single inch of the every single race course. Nate Hills hammers out on of many of the rolling hills on Stage 1.</b>
<b>Dylan Crane from Carbondale, CO blazes through Bull Run trail of Stage 1 under the early morning light.</b>
<b>Mike Hall crosses one of the endless number of slick rock sections on Stage 1.</b>
<b>Krista Park has had an incredible season of racing enduro. Every race of the BME was a slug fest between her and Heather Irmiger.</b>
<b>At the young age of 14, Chase Willie is the youngest racer of the BME Series. Chase took 4th overall for the series in the 18 and under category.</b>
<b>Normally found deep in the pits fixing everything Shimano, Tyler West has taken on a few of the BME races this year. "It was an incredible weekend!"</b>
<b>Alex Neuschaefer navigates an over-hanging section of Stage 2 on the Great Escape trail. </b>
<b>The top of Stage 3 looked like a big party on the rocks. Being the courses were set in backcountry trails, moving the timing equipment was slightly time consuming. Luckily the weather was perfect!</b>
<b>The BME ops crew working harder than anyone out there. Moving the timing equipment from Stage 1 to Stage 3 made for a long heavy hike up Gold Bar Trail. #props</b>
<b>JHK had an awesome weekend taking a few wins. He's stoked on racing Enduro these days.</b>
<b>Pro racer, Craig Harvey, flies into the open turn of Stage 3. Racing for the Pro Men was tight and competitive with only two minutes separating the top five overall. </b>
<b>Dylan Stucki enters Stage 3 with some air time.</b>
<b>Brian Buell had a rough start to the weekend, recovering from a cold. But the exciting news of proposing to his long-time girlfriend made for a picture perfect weekend. Congrats Brian and Holly!</b>
<b>Dylan Crane is a young ripper to keep your eyes on. At 17 he was able to hold his own with the Pros.</b>
<b>Rachel Throop had a great weekend of racing, just bumped out of the Top 10 by less than three seconds.</b>
<b>Kyle Fissel of Grand Junction, CO had a fun weekend of racing. After two full days of racing in the hot sun and slick rock, he ended up 12th overall for amateur Men 19-29.</b>
<b>Nate Hills in audio - Hazard Pass in the background with the peaks of the La Sals peeking over, the Kokopelli section of Stage 5 was a welcoming relief from all of the rougher, slick rock riding.</b>
<b>The final stage of the final race was the longest and hardest of them all. Nate Hills showed he had what it took to hold onto the top spot overall. </b>
<b>Dylan Stucki eyes down Mitch Hoke as they battle it out over the hour-long Stage of the Whole Enchilada.</b>
<b>Joe Lawwill of Shimano brought an attitude of fun for the weekend of racing. "If I started going too hard and wasn't having fun, I would back it off to make sure I was having fun."</b>
<b>Heather Irmiger had an incredible season of racing the BME. "My goal for the season was to podium in the overall for Big Mountain Enduro, so it is exciting to take the overall win."</b>
<b>Krista Park was basically racing a hard tail for Stage 5 after her hydraulic lock out stopped working. "I learned a few things on that run!"</b>
<b>Amateur Men 19-29 racer Tyler Brady rides along the rim, looking out onto Castle Valley during Stage 5.</b>
<b>Krista Park and her new shiner. While hanging out between Stage 2 and 3, Krista had a mishap when her face smacked into her GPS on her bars. It makes you look really tough Krista!</b>
<b>Pro Women's podium<br>1st - Heather Irmiger<br>2nd - Rosara Joseph<br>3rd - Krista Park<br>4th - Heidi Rentz<br>5th - Beth Roberts</b>
<b>Pro Men's podium<br>1st - Jeremy Horgan-Kobelski<br>2nd - Nate Hills<br>3rd - Mike West<br>4th - Alex Petitdemange<br>5th - Chris Johnston</b>
<b>Women's BME overall podium with Heather Irmiger taking the well-earned victory.</b>
<b>Men's BME overall podium with Nate Hills on top. JHK, Chris Johnston, Mike West, Ross Schnell (not pictured) round out the Top 5.</b>
<b>It's the crew behind the scenes and out on the mountain that keeps the Big Mountain Enduro machine running smoothly. Here Chris Cawley and Kim Kegu work tirelessly so that the races go off without a hitch. A big thanks goes out to everyone involved! We can't wait for 2014.</b>
<b>Drink up buddy, you earned it! Nate Hills pounds the 2013 Big Mountain Enduro overall victory champagne. See you next year!</b>
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The Big Mountain Enduro and North American Enduro Tour wrapped up the 2013 season with a bang as competitors were challenged on the classic MTB terrain of Moab, Utah. The highlight of the race was the final Stage on The Whole Enchilada trail that started with ice and snow on Burro Pass and finished in the hot, baking sun over an hour later. Enjoy the photos and audio insight from competitors and race organizers alike.

Pro Women's Top 10 Overall Results from Moab Big Mountain Enduro

1. Heather IRMIGER - 01:43:00.262

2. Rosara Joseph - 01:43:14.034

3. Krista Park - 01:47:41.045

4. Heidi Rentz - 01:48:12.083

5. Beth Roberts - 01:52:06.604

6. Jenny Konway - 01:53:48.827

7. Katrina Strand - 01:54:48.689

8. Sarah Rawley - 01:56:35.608

9. Cait Dmitriew - 01:57:57.319

10. Margaret Gregory - 01:58:35.411

Pro Men's Top 20 Overall Results from Moab Big Mountain Enduro

1. Jeremy Horgan-Kobelski - 01:27:28.975

2. Nate Hills - 01:28:31.143

3. Mike West M - 01:28:51.738

4. Alex Petitdemange - 01:29:29.436

5. Chris Johnston - 01:29:30.985

6. Aaron Bradford - 01:30:28.245

7. Kyle Mears - 01:31:38.235

8. T.J. Cowern - 01:31:51.146

9. Chris Heath - 01:32:18.089

10. Dylan Wolsky - 01:32:51.303

11. Nathan Riddle - 01:33:07.922

12.Jason Moeschler - 01:33:43.479

13. Ryan Gardner - 01:35:44.071

14. Botsy Phillips - 01:35:46.977

15. Dylan Stucki - 01:36:00.243

16. Mitch Hoke - 01:36:32.863

17. Peter Ostroski - 01:36:53.222

18. Leland Turner - 01:37:07.336

19. Joe Lawwill M - 01:37:10.887

20. Spencer Powlison - 01:37:36.244

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