Madness in Madeira - Enduro World Series Race Action

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​We're not sure if the conditions, the distance, the trail diversity or the lead changes were more dramatic. Epic racing from Madeira, Portugal, at the Enduro World Series.

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  • erik saunders

    5/15/2017 9:27 PM

    RG with the double coverage!

  • Fox

    5/15/2017 3:22 PM

    Unbelievable event. The tracks looked amazing and tested riders as they should have. Excellent coverage.

    The EWS live feed was pretty cool yesterday. Things were changing every stage! Hopefully they include more vid of riding with the commentary this time around on their highlights vid. I'd love to see more video clips. Vital, do some RAW footage from the event!

    Much to wonder about here. Some amazing comebacks from a few of the fastest guys who had a bad go on day 1. Dailly? Young Madman! Obviously letting it loose when things tip down. Bummer for Jesse, who was on fire. Carbon rims? Is this why many of these guys choose metal? Graves running CushCore and a very heavy duty tire setup despite what looks like some pretty serious pedaling sections, yet still flats. Sam Hill quietly getting another excellent result, his eye no doubt on the title.

  • MPH24

    5/15/2017 3:42 PM

    Yeah. The flat thing is interesting. You'd think these guys would run more on the side of not wanting to flat than push the envelop. More air? I mean I got sick of flatting my rear all the time, so I run 5 more PSI than I ideally want to. Not the best, but better than flatting and denting rims...

    In DH it's little easier to keep track of the rocks that can cause you a problem becuase its easier to remember the details of the track. I feel like you have more "oh shit" moments over a 9 stage race where you'd want an extra level of safety

  • erik saunders

    5/16/2017 7:39 AM

    As of last year no ews had been won on carbon rims I was told... Didn't check myself... But it sounded good. I would not run carbon if I were at that level...

  • TimBud

    5/15/2017 11:13 AM

    Laughed so hard at the pinkbike burn. Brilliant.

    Another great slideshow guys. Thank you

  • toddsour

    5/16/2017 6:34 AM

    HaHa yeah! Shots fired!

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