Laying it on the Line at Red Bull Rampage 2012

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First light. Rampage finals day. Are you ready for this? - Trumpore
Cam Zink headed out at 7AM to see if his ankles could take it after his big bail. They couldn't. He's a champ for even trying. - Turman
Evan "The Intern" Young makes final touches to Semenuk's line, just moments before the big show. - Turman
The crowds arrived early, knowing they were in for something incredible. - Turman
Brendan Howey was the first rider to drop in. He set the stage with a solid run, including this massive suicide no hander. - Turman
For having sore ankles, Geoff Gulevich sure sent it big. 11th on the day and a coveted pre-qualified spot for next year's Rampage. - Turman
Kyle Strait killing it up top. Dialed moves like this slotted him into 9th place. - Trumpore
These guys earned the best spectators on the hill award, hands down. - Turman
Brett Rheeder was the only rider to trick the first drop, on either side of the mountain. He went down on run one, but recovered nicely for the second go. - Collins
The Claw! His line was so burly up top. Straight down... - Trumpore
Crashes during both of Berrecloth's runs kept him from showing us his true potential. He was charging on run two, but slipped up on a 360 over the final hit. - Turman
Tyler McCaul had it planned from the get go. Top five and still alive. - Collins
Wind or no wind, TMac sent this massive hit both times. Burly! - Turman
Last year's Rampage winner and this year's FMB World Tour Champ. - Turman
Ramon Hunziker going large. 16th place and a good time at his first Rampage. - Turman
The heat of the day was clearly getting to a lot of people. Wake up dude! You're missing the show. - Collins
Photogs lined up side by side knowing what was in store when Semenuk came down. - Trumpore
Even Semenuk gets nervous before dropping in. Ian Collins nabbed this unique perspective of his big move.
The crowd got behind Cam as he launched into orbit one last time, earning himself a solid 7th place. - Turman
Down the hill and healthy. Cam can't complain. A backflip down low also earned him Best Trick. - Beckton
James Doerfling showed off his big mountain skills with an impressive route down the front face. - Trumpore
No gloves and a tank top - an unlikely recipe for success? Doerfling nailed down 6th. - Collins
"Wherever you'd like, honey." Doerfling left a mark at Rampage 2012, and we're guessing he'll go bigger next time around. - Turman
Martin Soderstrom faired well for rarely riding a DH bike, let alone sending it off cliffs. - Beckton
What kind of tweaks do the pros make? TMac runs us through his Rampage setup. - Collins
Andreu Lacondeguy bombs his way to a 4th place finish as Chris Canfield gives us his thoughts on what may be the burliest event yet. - Trumpore
Thomas Vanderham has now been to seven Rampages. Seven! The vet wound up taking 8th. - Trumpore
Logan Binggeli launches from the Oakley icon Sender, which was used by the top four riders. - Turman
Binggeli did it for the Utah locals when he spun this big-wheeled backflip on his way to the podium. - Turman
Antoine Bizet caught everyone by surprise, even himself. - Beckton
Kurt Sorge, your 2012 Rampage champ. - Trumpore
Almost speechless. - Trumpore
For coming together as it happened, things went very well for Sorge. - Trumpore
Robbie Bourbon insisted the podium boys stay hydrated. - Collins
Lots of time riding big mountain paid off for Sorge. His runs were dialed from top to bottom. - Trumpore
The bike that won the gold. Zink says it was well deserved. - Trumpore
Sorge closed it. - Turman
That's a wrap. We're hightailing it out of the Utah desert. See you next year, Rampage. - Trumpore
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intrographic2.png?VersionId=o71YqfBTb55LL5 1cFhhyI1hiUf6G
After weeks of building up to the big day, the Pros took to the Utah desert one last time, each of them searching for Rampage gold. - Photos by Brandon Turman, Dave Trumpore, Ian Collins, and Seth Beckton

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