Push Through the Pain - Andes Pacifico Day 3 Race Action

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Finally a break from the sun and some trees enter the epic adventure of the Andes Pacifico as riders suffer on towards the Pacific Ocean.

The official release from Montenbaik
Day Three of Andes Pacifico Rocked!
Frenchman and Enduro World Champ, Jerome Clementz , retains the lead for the third consecutive day of the first Andes Pacifico by Santa Cruz. The competition that began in La Parva links the Andes with the Pacific Ocean and will finish tomorrow in the town of Maitencillo, Chile.

This day began in Caleu when riders went up the slopes of Cerro El Roble to start the first special stage called "La Gozadora" . This stage was difficult as the trail was filled with rain ruts in the granitic sand. The ruts were so deep that pedals tend to touch on the sides and the tires were sunken halfway in the sand. This stage was won again by Jerome followed by François and Pedro Ferreira who had his best time of the day.

Stage 2 had a very similar terrain but this was located in "La Dormida" area. There, Francois made​the same time as the local Pedro Ferreira.

Stage 3 was a bit different than the first two. The terrain was flatter in the first half and had lots of rocks. In fact, there was a section that had to be walked because the stones were so large. Here again François used his speed and won by 6-seconds on Jerome Clementz and 8-seconds on Nico Prudencio .

Standings After 10 Stages
1. Jerome Clementz - 1h 53m 47s
2. Francois Bailly - Maitre - 1h 57m 21s
3. Nicolas Prudencio - 1h 57m 22s
4. Pedro Ferreira - 2h 00m 57s
5. Lars Sternberg, - 2h 01m 13s
6. Iago Garay - 2h 03m 20s

In the Master class the Frenchman Francois Dola, leads with 2h 07m 37s, while in Women's class, New Zealand's Anka Martin runs up front with 2h 28m 28s.

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Pictures by: Gary Perkin and Sven Martin Dave Trumpore

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