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From concept to final production there is a lot that happens in between when creating the Duo MTB stem at Renthal.
Designs are built in CAD programs, then those designs are run through stress analysis programs. When the numbers look good, a rapid prototype is created.
Some of the faces that make Renthal run.
Rapid prototypes allow designers to see the product in the flesh and mount them on a bike to check fit and aesthetic properties. The next step involves an aluminum prototype for testing to meet and surpass government standards.
Fabricator dream land.
Renthal products blow away the government standards in strength tests. Renthal considers the requirements to be bare minimums and their products surpass the standards by double or more.
The Duo stem is made in two halves. Each half is machined in seven different stages. It starts as a raw billet of aluminum and ends up looking like this beauty.
The stems are deburred by hand to eliminate areas that are sharp or may cause stress. While machines can do most of deburring work, Renthal believes in the work of human hands on such critical products.
143 grams, 50mm and made for aggressive riding. The Renthal Duo stem.
From the ground up, Renthal has designed their MTB bars and stems to be strong, but also lightweight.
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With a rich moto history, Renthal is making its way into mountain biking with well-thought out handlebar and stem products designed from the ground up. by Seb Kemp and Grant Robinson

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