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Loaded Precision AmX Carbon Wheels - INTERBIKE: Part 4 - Another 30 New Products for 2014 - Mountain Biking Pictures - Vital MTB

We've seen a lot of carbon lately, especially at the tradeshows. All carbon is not created equally, though. Loaded's latest creations use uni-directional (UD) carbon layers that have been knitted together to prevent the delamination that other carbon rims are prone to. They've also reinforced the nipple beds to prevent spokes from pulling through. This particular rim is only available in the 27.5-inch wheel size with 32 holes. It measures 24mm internally, 30.8mm externally, and weighs 410 grams per rim. Loaded's TBT tubeless system works to make mounting easy and burping a thing of the past.

Wheels are hand built at Loaded's warehouse in SoCal, and can be custom configured. Pick your rim decal, spoke, hub, and nipple colors. New for 2014, you can also choose between Loaded X-lite or DT Swiss hubs. AmX Carbon wheelsets come in as low as 1689 grams and $1,995.

Credit: Turman
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