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INTERBIKE: Part 2 - Some of the Latest and Greatest for 2014 - INTERBIKE: Part 2 - Some of the Latest and Greatest for 2014 - Mountain Biking Pictures - Vital MTB

After a blistering Outdoor Demo experience, we moved inside to check out the latest and greatest on the showroom floor.

Teva's prototype Virgin flat pedal shoe kicks things off with a bang. The masses want something stickier, and Teva's aim is to do just that. They're working with their athletes to test several rubber compounds and tread patterns to find the ideal balance between loads of grip and durability. The shoe has a super firm toe cap, asymmetrical lacing, a V-shape velcro strap to hold your foot and laces securely, and inner ankle protection. This one's made for the DH and gravity crowd, and should be available in Fall 2014.

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Credit: Turman
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  • SBurback

    9/19/2013 8:57 PM

    Now we're talking Teva! Flat shoes with velcro straps. just what I've been waiting for. Hopefully they feature a properly stiff sole too!

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