When TRP picked up Aaron Gwin for the 2016 race season many people were in a bit of a state of shock not knowing what the brand was capable of. Turns out TRP has been around for quite some time, and is quite strong in many markets.

They chose to pursue Gwin in order to strengthen their mountain bike side and improve their products by working directly with the World Cup champion. During his first season Gwin has worked with TRP to improve on their existing downhill brake, the result of which will be called the G-Spec.

Immediately after getting on TRP’s brakes, Gwin requested a lever blade change, as well as the addition of a detent on the lever adjustment mechanism so that he could dial in his brakes with more precision as he constantly travels around the world and puts together new bikes. In addition, there will be direct mount options for SRAM and Shimano shifters.

He also worked with TRP to remove any pad movement for a quieter, more secure feel, as well as providing feedback on various compounds in the pads themselves.

You’ll also notice that the caliper features cooling fins. The G-Spec will come in two levels: the high-end model will feature the high-polish finish that you see here, whereas the slightly lower-end model will offer a painted finish.

TRP also makes the Slate T4 which is said to offer the stopping power of Shimano XT at the price of Shimano’s SLX brakes.

They feature a four-piston design and look well-suited to enduro and trail bikes. 

Vital MTB caught up with Gwin to discuss his involvement with TRP, what brakes really mean to a World Cup racer, and what else we can expect to see coming down the pipeline:


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