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It’s easy to get stuck in a rut when it comes to tubeless tire sealant. Many of us experience cuts, punctures, slices, and other damaging events that can completely destroy a tire. But Orange Seal challenged us with a question – why keep going back if there’s an issue, if it’s not sealing? Orange Seal is unique in that it coats the inside of your tire entirely. When the company went to work on a better solution for tire sealant they had a few goals in mind: 1) They want to be able to seal holes in tire sidewalls. 2) They wanted to be able to address larger punctures and sidewall cuts. 3) They wanted it to last longer than what’s on the market. 4) They wanted it to be non-caustic. 5) Finally, they wanted it to form a permanent plug in the case of a puncture, so you can continue to run the tire for a long time.

Their formula works at high pressures, is non-corrosive, and was the result of 2.5 years of development effort. The typical 27.5/29” tire requires 3-4 ounces of fluid. Once you think the orange sealant might be dry, simply deflate the tire, remove the valve core, and insert the provided dipstick to see if there is or isn’t any wet sealant left inside. If there isn’t, simply add more – it’s as easy as that, no need to remove boogers etc. Orange Seal comes in three different models, the standard, which seals the fastest but also lasts the shortest amount of time, the endurance version, which seals slightly slower – say 2-3 revolutions – but lasts 60 to 180 days depending on your riding conditions and environment. Finally, there’s a sub-zero version which works in extremely cold conditions. 

The video and photos below show Orange Seal in action, and the results are pretty dang impressive:


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