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When former pro racer and smart guy Matt Miller decided to pursue a PhD he chose to focus on a project that would help determine how hard and how long you brake for. Matt came up with the idea when he realized he was able to beat faster, fitter riders by simply braking less. The original prototype which you see here outfitted to a Giant features massive load cells because Matt hadn’t fully understood what braking forces they could expect when it was initially made.

While the original prototype fits between the frame and the brake caliper the next version will move to a floating rotor design that will feature Bluetooth connectivity to your phone or other data collection devices.

Matt says he just wants to “make riders faster.” And “if you can win a DH race with no chain” he sees potential for race teams and casual riders alike to benefit from the system by analyzing their braking patterns and finding ways to improve them.

Matt showed us a number of detailed graphs that show the difference between an intermediate and high level mountain bike rider in a single turn and over a number of turns. The biggest thing he’s learned so far? “Don’t ride the brakes, but instead apply them hard and fast and you’ll go quicker overall.” Matt is currently shopping the project around with the hopes of securing a partnership with a brake manufacturer to really put the wheels in motion.

Brandon Turman


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