Oakley’s Prizm MX goggles represent the coming together of several of Oakley’s technologies into one package designed for motocross racers and mountain bike riders. The goggles feature an extremely easy to use lens-swap system that will rid your lenses of fingerprints forever, and that also secures the lens in such a way that it serves as impact protection - helpful if you’re stuck in the roost or happen to take an inopportune spill in just the right, or wrong, way.

The Prizm MX will be offered with 3 different shades tailored for different lighting conditions, and they all feature Oakley’s Prizm technology, which at a basic level can be summarized as color filtering applied to specific sports. For mountain biking, this translates to a better way to pick up on transitions in the trail surface for improved clarity on the trail. The lenses have also made their way into many of Oakley’s sunglasses including the newer style shown here.

Brandon Turman
INTERBIKE - 2017 Mountain Bike Apparel and Protective Gear

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