Mad man Matt McDuff now has his own signature Kali helmet with features that perfectly align with his no-holds-barred riding style.

The McDuff can withstand up to ten impacts before needing to be replaced, thanks to a new nano-core liner. Nano-core technology is the result of a partnership with an Italian materials manufacturer called ALIA MENTIS. The technology combines Kali’s existing composite fusion technology with Casidion, which is a self-healing acrylic foam that incorporates carbon nano-tubes and effectively replaces the EPS foam found in traditionally constructed helmets.

As you can see in the comparison photos the standard skate helmet with a traditional EPS liner dents when you crash, because the material does not rebound, leaving it less effective for the next crash. Nano-core tech however allows the material to rebound without any future loss in protection. The helmet weighs 475 grams, has 10 vents, comes in sizes S to L and meets EN1078 and CPSC standards.

Brandon Turman
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