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G-Form surprised us with some new pieces and the ability to order custom, sublimated graphics on knee and elbow pads. They continue to develop their lines of body protection and pads which feature lightweight, breathable, articulating designs using their RPT pad material. RPT stands for Reactive Protective Technology which is soft and pliable during use, but upon impact, firms up, minimizing injury. All G-form pieces are machine washable.

The G-Form Men's Pro Bib Short is a new item for those looking for longer hours in the saddle, requiring the security of a bib. A built-in chamois and moisture-wicking UPF 50 compression fabric keep things dry. Three accessory pockets cover allow for water, food or tool storage and the body-mapped RPT pads protect the hips and tailbone. While generally made for mountain bikers, we're told that even roadies are embracing the lighter-weight G-Form products to prevent road rash and injury when the pavement bites back.  The Pro Bib shorts come in S, M, L and XL for $149. Women-specific sizes are available for $149 as well.

G-Form's Elite Knee and Elbow Guards are a beefed up version of their slimmer pads and meet CE 1621 Level 1 certification requirements.  Targeted at the all-mountain/enduro rider, the RPT material is thicker and configured to maximize protection, allowing the individual cells to harden and work together as effectively as possible in a crash. The pads do not use straps, but have upper and lower silicon grips and UPF 50+ compression fabric to keep them secure. An opening in the back of the knee combined with perforated material on the back side of the pads keep them breathing well while reducing bunching. Sizes are S, M, L and XL and pricing is $89.99 for elbows and $99.99 for knees.

Finally, G-Form has addressed the needs of those that use pads but require a bit less friction during a crash. Skatepark and even dirt jump riders often slide during a crash, so the Pro Slide Knee and Elbow Pads are now an option. The RPT material is covered with a rugged, abrasion-resistant material to allow riders to slide without snagging on hard surfaces. Available in sizes S, M, L and XL, they'll run $74.99 for the elbow pads and $79.99 for the knee pads.

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