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Shimano's new M200 shoes have been in development for a couple of years. They are geared toward the heavy duty trail and enduro rider and are a top of the line shoe retailing for $180.

The M200 features a new mid-plate and outsole with three densities of rubber tailored to improve durability of the shoe in key areas. One interesting feature is that the cleats are now further back, extended so that flat pedal users making the switch to SPD have the range they need.

Also new is the new carbon infused “Torbal” plate. The Torbal plate allows some torsional flex at the back of the shoe which allows for more movement on the bike without unclipping. The shoes have a Stiffness Ratio of 8 on Shimano’s scale. The Torbal plate will also be a feature in two more affordable models for 2015. The M163 retails for $150 and the M089 retails for $120.

Additional features include reinforced armor at the toe of the shoe, a lace cover, and a low profile Shimano buckle. The buckle is actually the slimmest that Shimano makes and is borrowed from a road shoe.

Brandon Turman
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