INSIDE: Spank Industries Wheel Building Factory

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High quality, hand-made, and direct involvement of people from all over the world are not exactly terms associated with *Made in Taiwan* for most people. Maybe they should be. Spank Industries works with Fratelli in Taiwan to produce light, strong, functional rims and wheels like the 2013 Spank Oozy EVO.
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  • Zoro

    1/30/2013 9:30 AM

    Easton Cully pedals Lee !! Yeah!

  • Danimal5-0

    1/30/2013 8:43 AM

    As a proud builder and Destroyer of many wheels, I have been nothing less than astonished by the strength of my spank subrosa rims. Four years of riding the same rims with too many bone chattering g-routs to count and they are still going strong. I put a dent in the rear and it cracked a little bit on one side, that was two years ago. They are every bit as strong as my old trail pimps were, and don't chew through tubes like a badger. All of this durability at 540g? Quality counts.

  • Primoz

    1/30/2013 6:42 AM

    Pause the slideshow and then click through manually. There will be no music and you will have to click, but you would have to do that either way.

  • rickihuang

    1/30/2013 12:59 AM


  • phillemaistre

    1/29/2013 5:45 PM

    Lee: Awesome awesome awesome. I've learned a TON having watched your wicked slideshow. But please: if the v/o is amazing and informative, aaaand the caption is amazing and informative, I gotta keep jumping back on each photo, cuz I'm a dude, and I can't listen and read at the same time. I've noticed the same thing bothers me on the WC slideshows from Sven and the lads from time to time. All that having been said, more please...

    Ps that pull-through test shit is cray-cray.

  • general lee

    1/29/2013 6:02 PM

    Thanks, it's been really cool getting to see the production process first hand. At both Banshee and Spank what really stands out are emphasis on quality and the hands-on workmanship. Not what many associate with 'Made in Taiwan'

    As for v/o and csptions, I guess you'll just have to watch it twice

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