Homegrown NZ Downhill - Vertigo Bikes Ride More DH Series Race 1


It’s never too early for the race season to start, so this past weekend Vertigo Bikes kicked off its annual race series headed by co-owner Pang. The fresh-cut track courtesy of Jimi Ramsey, the designated track builder for the Vertigo Summer Series, was immediately rutted up, dust lingered on everything, and sun beams cut through the dark woods. The turnout was strong, which is encouraging, as all proceeds go back to the Queenstown Mountain Bike Club. This local race series is all about fun, community involvement, and a good laugh with friends. The format was two-hours of practice, followed by two race runs, fastest time counts. And while it's all in the name of fun, it's no less competitive than usual! Enjoy action and audio interviews from the one-day event!

Pictured above: Gnarly halo for a gnarly dude. Joel Tunbridge 5th place in Expert Men.

Partial Results

U19 Men

  1. Cameron Marshall, 3:12.5
  2. Will Adamson, 3:23.6
  3. Bryn Rasmussen, 3:27.0

Open Men 19-29 Top 10

  1. Boucherot Tanguy, 2:44.5
  2. Chapelet Maxence, 2:50.7
  3. Antoine Buffart, 2:51.4
  4. Cian Clarke, 2:53.1
  5. Olivier Cuvet, 2:56.5
  6. Andy Rogerson, 2:57.2
  7. Maxim Boulay, 2:57.3
  8. Joshua Sinclair, 2:57.5
  9. Nehuen De La Mano, 2:58.5
  10. Ferris Fairbairn, 2:59.6

Expert Men Top 10

  1. Simon Read, 2:38.5
  2. James Purvis, 2:41.3
  3. Winton Stevens, 2:43.9
  4. Jimi Ramsey, 2:44.1
  5. Joel Turnbridge, 2:45.2
  6. Matt Lawton, 2:45.7
  7. Kurt McDonald, 2:46.1
  8. Reece Potter, 2:46.2
  9. Harry Steer, 2:46.8
  10. Craig Munro, 2:48.9
Zach Faulkner
Homegrown NZ Downhill - Vertigo Bikes Ride More DH Series Race 1

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