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Denver to Durango - High Country MTB Adventure on the Colorado Trail

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ENVE's Dylan Stucki tackled a 341-mile Denver-to-Durango MTB trip with close friends across the Colorado Trail. They captured the sights and sounds of the trip and we're lucky enough to be able to share them with you in this epic slideshow. -gordo

We are three mountain bikers. Some people used to know who we are, hometown heroes in the dark ages of a struggling sport as we rolled out of the start in pursuit of professional racing careers. Years of toeing the line between love and hate for a two-wheeled lifestyle that was passionately instilled in us from a young age.

Uplifted by the support of people close to us, yet driven away by the politics, we embarked on a journey to ride the Colorado Trail, hoping to find new inspirations that keep the pedals turning. What we found was camaraderie and a new appreciation for the vast expanse of mountains in our backyard. Seemingly endless mountain passes taking us well above 12,000’ over and over again left us with shear determination as our motivation to complete the ride. Record rainfall in Colorado this summer made for some especially rainy, cold, and demoralizing rides en route from Denver to Durango. Nevertheless we pushed on through all the short breaths and steep passes, completing the trail in our goal of 12 days. We are Ben, Sam, and Dylan…


  • Miles Ridden: 341.3
  • Elevation gain/loss: 50,722 feet
  • Riding Time: 45 hours, 58 minutes, 13 seconds
  • Average Speed: 7.42 MPH
  • Beers Consumed: 300
  • Quarters Fed Into Car Washes: 96
  • Completely Destroyed Bearings: 32
  • Demolished Drivetrains: 4
  • Juicy J Lyrics repeated: 400
  • Black Sabbath’s ‘NIB’ lyrics repeated: 10,000
  • Showers Taken: 3 (yeah, that’s one each)
  • Girls hiking the trail that had recently seen the movie ‘WILD’: All of them​

Dylan and the crew thank ENVE, Maxxis, Evoc, KASK and Ska Brewing for supporting the adventure.

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