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Prototype Giant Reign 27.5 Sneak Peek - Giant Reign 27.5 Sneak Peek - Mountain Biking Pictures - Vital MTB

The Giant Factory Off-Road Team is in Chile this week for the opening round of the 2014 Enduro World Series, and two of its riders—Josh Carlson and Adam Craig—have been spotted riding prototype versions of a Reign 27.5 model.

Team riders play a vital role in Giant’s product development. Giant confirmed they are working with riders to develop a new Reign featuring Giant 27.5 technology and Maestro Suspension, and the bike will drop in late summer 2014.

Both Josh Carlson and Adam Craig have been practicing on this prototype Reign 27.5 heading into the Enduro World Series opener in Nevados de Chillan, Chile.

Credit: Giant Factory Off-Road
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Giant Reign 27.5 Sneak Peek

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  • Nakos2000

    4/18/2014 9:04 PM

    Reminds me of the Trance X 29er....

  • Shishka

    4/18/2014 8:47 PM

    The large reign = enduro/xc warrior. They need to update the reign with some carbon action but don't forget what it's really made for. Jumping over peoples heads, slashing trails, and making dh riders look bad!

    Not every bike has to be made for that enduro euro crap.

  • Grammyx

    4/18/2014 1:37 PM

    wow! very nice !! travel post ????

  • JCL

    4/17/2014 10:33 PM

    Looks like they're still using ridiculously long seat tubes.

  • Acadian

    4/18/2014 4:34 AM

    Since Josh and Adam are going to be racing this exact bike at Chile this weekend, I'd have to guess this is a size Large - so the ST isn't all that long for that given size. From my experience with Giant bikes the ST on the size Large is perfectly fine, but it's a tad short on the size Med (it's 17")

  • DhDork

    4/18/2014 6:37 AM

    Well, if it's not the seat tube that drops, hopefully the cockpit will be a tad longer. I found at 5'9" the 23" claimed TT on a medium was too short, if not shorter than claimed. Now on the large, I can't run a full height dropper (120mm) as the ST is too tall, and but the cockpit gives a but more room.

  • JCL

    4/18/2014 11:35 AM

    That was my point. For a given size they're either too short in reach or the seat tubes are too long. They should just copy Kona. They have sizing perfect.

  • cliff.hardle

    4/17/2014 8:52 PM

    Hey and it looks like you can fit a bottle and a shock with a resevoir at the same time, something I could never do on an RX

  • dannielgraham

    4/17/2014 6:24 PM

    FYI: 27.5 wheels fit in the old Reign (just in case you don't want to buy a new frame). And yes that does mean with proper width tires. The same tires as in the photo of this prototype actually.

  • cliff.hardle

    4/17/2014 7:00 PM

    Sick, maybe I won't have to get rid of my reign x then.

  • hamncheez2003

    4/17/2014 8:19 PM

    It looks slacker than yours

  • cliff.hardle

    4/17/2014 8:51 PM

    yeah it definitely is, it seems nothing has a 67 degree HA anymore.

  • OCsponger587

    4/17/2014 8:25 PM

    i bet they just put 650s on an old reign here to

  • Acadian

    4/17/2014 8:54 PM

    love me some 15" BB

  • wydopen

    4/17/2014 6:15 PM

    As a soon to be former Reign x rider I hope they added some room to the cockpit and dropped the bb.

  • jbones

    4/17/2014 5:02 PM

    well, it aint carbon

  • sspomer

    4/17/2014 5:17 PM

    prototypes rarely are

  • Maverickdh005

    4/17/2014 5:32 PM

    It will be, patience Padawan.

  • erwinmruiz

    4/17/2014 4:49 PM

    Here we go, the bike many people are waiting for

  • Maverickdh005

    4/17/2014 4:17 PM

    Holy shit balls, sic, love the Pike all over it but no 36/20mm forky!

    The Carbon version if this is going to be stunning! Pse keep making em stealthy black too best Giant look ever!

    Also def a 2015 model.

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