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Was this the greatest downhill mountain bike race ever? Steve Peat thinks so, and he's seen almost every one of them! The final race of the 2019 UCI Mountain Bike World Cup Downhill season concluded in Snowshoe, West Virginia, with Danny Hart taking the race win and Loic Bruni narrowly edging out Amaury Pierron for the World Cup Overall Championship of 2019. Loic would need a third place finish to keep the overall if Amaury won the race. Amaury was leading the race with an early run that seemed unbeatable. Loic dropped in and ended up in 3rd place by 1.5 seconds at the time with only Danny Hart remaining. If Danny landed in 2nd, Amaury would win the overall. If Danny won the race or finished 4th or less, Loic would win the overall. Danny's split times were so close the entire way down his run, that until he crossed the line, no one was sure what the outcome would be. Danny eventually beat Amaury by just .656 seconds, winning the race and leaving Loic with the title.

Tracey Hannah earned the women's overall championships victory, but not after Marine Cabirou took the race win, forcing Tracey to be mistake-free within a tight threshold. If Marine won the race, Tracey would have to finish 7th or better. Tracey ended up finishing 5th with just a few seconds to spare and earned the overall victory.

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Rider Interview Table of Contents

  • 1:32 - Steve Peat
  • 5:16 - Loic Bruni
  • 11:38 - Amaury Pierron
  • 20:30 - Eddie Masters
  • 22:05 - Laurent Delorme, Loic's Team Manager
  • 23:34 - Tracey Hannah
  • 29:40 - Danny Hart
  • 33:41 - Marine Cabirou
  • 35:20 - Charlie Harrison
  • 41:58 - Dakotah Norton
  • 42:56 - Bruce Klein
  • 45:04 - Thibaut Daprela
  • 46:51 - Myriam Nicole
  • 48:10 - Troy Brosnan
  • 51:43 - Chris Kilmurry
  • 55:05 - Veronika Widmann
  • 56:04 - Greg Minnaar
  • 59:52 - Loris Vergier
  • 1:03:26 - Luke Meier-Smith
  • 1:04:43 - Greg Williamson
  • 1:06:20 - Thomas Estaque
  • 1:07:14 - Dean Lucas (Nicest guy in Downhilling?)
  • 1:10:54 - Finn Iles
  • 1:16:11 - Kye A'hern

Vital can't thank enough, Sven, Boris, Dan and all the media squids who captured the World Cup Downhill circus this season! You make us feel like we're there. -gordo

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