Brendan Fairclough Scott Gambler G-Out at Val di Sole 6

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Brendan Fairclough Scott Gambler G-Out at Val di Sole - G-OUT PROJECT: 2013 Val di Sole World Cup - Mountain Biking Pictures - Vital MTB
Credit: Turman
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G-OUT PROJECT: 2013 Val di Sole World Cup

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  • BryanRatcliffe

    6/14/2013 6:29 PM

    bottom bracket height 3"

  • pink wolf

    6/14/2013 3:26 PM

    Looks like he also came up short compared to gee and gwin

  • Acadian

    6/14/2013 2:44 PM


  • ryan_daugherty

    6/14/2013 2:32 PM

    seems like the forks travel wouldn't react to upward/downward forces well when its so slack + in full rear squish. It seems like in this picture that the force on the fork is close to vertical but to use the fork's travel the force needs to ideally be up/rearward. Just comparing visually
    to other bikes that aren't as slack .

  • Big Bird

    6/14/2013 8:52 PM

    That's why I commented on how Aaron Gwin kept landing rear wheel first in that Spesh vid. When you slap a slack fork down from that angle, it doesn't have the ability to react. It's bound up. Those kinds of forces are what tear head tubes off. I always try to land level or a bit nosed in so the fork can do it's work. Oh... and that BB must be super low to go with that super slack head angle.

  • scriz

    6/14/2013 2:32 PM

    We have a winner!

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