First Look: The KS LEV Seatpost

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Welcome to KS USA's headquarters, home of KS go-to-guy Rick Taylor, flyin' Brian Lopes, and the long awaited KS LEV seatpost.
We've tested a lot of adjustable posts in the recent months, but never one with "Test Sample 002" written on it. As we go through this slideshow, we'll indicate changes from the test sample to the production version.
The LEV is a cable actuated seatpost that relies on hydraulics and an air spring internally, effectively mixing the best of both worlds.
Why cable actuation?
On the trail, the LEV performed incredibly well. It's remarkably smooth, stiff, and quiet, yet gives a nice audible click to let you know it's all the way up. One negative, the seat will move when you pull up on it, but not easily.
When buying a new post, this is a critical measurement to consider. Because the clamp portion is also very compact, the overall height of the post when compressed is very low. This may allow you to use a post with more travel. Note that the upper portion shown here will be black ano on the production version.
We fell in love with the KS lever almost immediately. This carbon fiber lever replaces an ODI lock-on clamp, freeing up valuable space on your bars.
The lever is very easy to reach, easy to press, and easy on the hands during repeated use.
We all crash. That's a fact. Luckily there is no flimsy barrel adjuster to break at the lever. Routing can also be improved by using brake cable components. The production version will come with a braided kevlar hose that resists abrasion due to cable rub.
Adjustable posts aren't cheap, which is why we were excited to see how easily the post can removed from the bike when worried about theft. Simply slide the dust camp off, pull the cable down, loosen the seatclamp and viola! it's out.
The detent system is hidden under the head of the post and allows the cable to come in at any angle. This smart feature allows the cable to be routed best for your frame and seatclamp orientation preference.
While we can't weigh in on maintenance after just one ride, we can say that the post showed no signs of wear after several months of testing by other riders.
The head of the post was solid and there were no creaks. Nice big allen bolts keep everything secure. Note that the head of the production version will be black ano.
Having to remove the seat to adjust the air pressure is a minor inconvenience, but if it truly is sealed it shouldn't be a bother.
The sample we rode had some slight side-to-side wiggle to it, but the internal clutch mechanism has been updated for the production version. If it's like the other KS posts we've tried, it'll be solid.
Overall, this is one of the best posts we've ever used. Its smooth operation, dialed lever, and accommodating design features really set it apart. For more about the post, visit <b><a href="" target="_blank"></a></b>.
Intro Graphic
A few weeks ago we were invited to come ride a preproduction version of the new KS LEV seatpost. On paper, this post boasts some really impressive specs, so we were excited to try it out.

For those of you who have been waiting patiently, yes, it is now available. The 125mm option is at distributors and the others will arrive in the coming weeks and months. Size options include 31.6, 30.9, and the hard to find 27.2 mm.

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