First Look: Push Industries Elevensix Coil Shock - Exclusive Behind the Scenes Feature

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<b>Introducing the Push Industries Elevensix coil shock. It represents the best of the best in the mountain bike suspension world.</b>
<b>Push is one of the leading aftermarket suspension tuning companies and has been in business for over a decade.</b>
<b>Their purpose-built facility in Loveland, Colorado, cranks out thousands of custom suspension repairs, upgrades, and tunes every year.</b>
<b>In an effort to improve existing suspension products, Push manufactures parts with a goal of complete rider customization. Tens of thousands of these items have already been in the field for years.</b>
<b>Darren Murphy, the man that started it all.</b>
<b>With so many years of experience improving other designs and receiving valuable real world feedback from their customers, it was finally time to produce their own shock from the ground up.</b>
<b>The new Elevensix gives riders the ability to define exactly how they want their shock to perform, with the unique ability to adjust high and low-speed compression on both switch settings.</b>
<b>The dual cartridge compression valve system allows you to quickly toggle between settings. Want a platform and small bump sensitivity? No problem. Simply describe to Push how you'd like your bike to ride.</b>
<b>Oil is directed to the compression cartridge you select. If the knob is accidentally turned half way, both circuits are active so there's no damage to the shock.</b>
<b>Six compression ranges are available. You could choose to use two of the same or two that are vastly different. It's up to you.</b>
<b>The coil was chosen for the best performance, with thermal and friction advantages at the forefront of the list of reasons why. Note the set screw spring retainer to prevent it from loosening over time.</b>
<b>Every detail was considered. The Elevensix uses a 360-degree spring collar to prevent any chance of misalignment.</b>
<b>It's not just about the shock. Push also takes the bike into consideration.</b>
<b>Each bike undergoes a kinematic analysis with data logging to verify, and they look at existing customer feedback on the stock shock before determining how to custom build each Elevensix.</b>
<b>Springs are often overlooked in the MTB industry, but Push is out to change that. The Hyperco made spring meets very tight tolerances and sports some interesting features.</b>
<b>Note the spring's barrel shape. That's done to improve clearance, mud shedding, eliminate the chance of barrel scraping, and stop bowing when compressed.</b>
<b>Springs are available in 25-pound increments with an impressive 2-pound accuracy, so you know you're getting what you ask for.</b>
<b>Many shocks fade during the course of a long run. Push used a large IFP with lots of nitrogen and oil to help keep things at a more consistent temperature. It's oriented sideways to reduce clearance issues.</b>
<b>It all starts here. As a high end product, Push chose to use 7000 vs 6000 series aluminum. All raw materials are domestically sourced and US certified.</b>
<b>Each part is machined in house, including the bridge which is typically cast by other brands.</b>
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<b>Each component is designed and prototyped digitally first. Here's a CNC simulation.</b>
<b>The Elevensix incorporates proven concepts from motorsports as well, including parabolic needles.</b>
<b>Compared to the traditional cone design (left), parabolic needles (right) provide a much more consistent change in damping forces with each click of the adjuster.</b>
<b>Adjustments are independent of one another, making tuning easier.</b>
<b>The bottom out bumper is an open cell foam also used on high end off-road applications.</b>
<b>Shocks are checked on a dyno and verified by a second technician before being shipped.</b>
<b>Ever had a gritty rebound adjuster? Us too. Push engineered a closed eyelet and uses a seal on the adjuster so it continues to turn smoothly, even in the muck. Little details...</b>
<b>To fight a shock's biggest enemy, Push incorporates a number of technologies, including a special polymer for the bushings, slick finishes and coatings, and high end seals and wipers.</b>
<b>The glide ring uses an o-ring underneath to accommodate changes in the aluminum parts due to temperature variations.</b>
<b>Custom blended Maxima oils help the shock stay consistent. They're made specifically for MTB and a shock temperature range up to 165-degrees Fahrenheit, a number proven in the field and the lab.</b>
<b>At a savings of 100-200 grams over the competition, this is a seriously light coil shock.</b>
<b>What's the end result? All of the little improvements add up to huge gains on the trail.</b>
<b>Adjustments are tool free, and the side loaded adjusters are easy to reach on the fly.</b>
<b>Push concentrated on improving performance during high frequency, low amplitude vibration (the majority of trail ride), in order to increase confidence and control. More grip is a great thing.</b>
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<b>The Elevensix in action. After using a data logger, Push can simulate trails in the lab and verify the shock's performance.</b>
<b>Each Elevensix is handmade and tuned to each rider, which means production will be very limited. Just 150 are in the pilot run. Any future refinements will focus on backwards compatibility.</b>
<b>Designed, engineered, prototyped, tested, and manufactured in Colorado. That's Push for ya.</b>
<b>The brand knows how to work hard, and they know how to celebrate too. This one has been a long time coming.</b>
<b>Following the custom tune process, all shocks will arrive with a setup card and six recommended settings - two for climbing, two for trail use, and two for DH.</b>
<b>Direct contact with the tech that built the shock (and who also rides one) is the icing on the cake.</b>
<b>The Elevensix will retail for $1,200. Visit <u></u> for more details.</b>
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After over a decade of tweaking, tuning, and improving other suspension products, Push Industries is pleased to present their first shock. The Elevensix combines the best parts identified over years of tuning experience, and is intended to meet the needs of hard charging, long travel trail bike riders.

We had the exclusive opportunity to visit Push at their Colorado headquarters to see how the Elevensix is made. Step inside to learn all about this high end, custom tuned performer.

Visit for complete details. The Elevensix retails for $1,200, and is only available for a select list of bikes at this time.

Photos by Brandon Turman


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