First Look: Novatec's Improved 2013 Wheel Lineup

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<b>Novatec's new line of hand built, tubeless ready wheels caught our eye as we roamed the halls of Interbike. First up, the XC-ready Dragons.</b>
<b>The Dragon wheels have an 18mm internal width, and use 28 or 32 Sapim laser double butted spokes depending on the wheel size.</b>
<b>Novatec uses heat-cured graphics and a micropeen finish that is light and durable.</b>
<b>The FlowTrail wheels have a 20mm internal width and a sleeved rim joint said to be stronger than a welded joint.</b>
<b>Alloy nipples mate up with 32 Sapim laser double spokes on the FlowTrails.</b>
<b>Novatec says the tubeless ready rim profile doesn't require the use of sealant.</b>
<b>The 23mm internal width Diablo wheels are Brian Lopes approved.</b>
<b>The Diablo wheels are available in the 27.5-inch/650B size as well.</b>
<b>Many of Novatec's hubs can be changed to accommodate quick-release, 10, 15, or 20mm axle sizes up front, and qr, 10, 12, or X12 rear axles without tools.</b>
<b>Demon sounds like a fitting downhill wheel name, doesn't it? Kyle Strait blasted into orbit on these 25mm internal width, brass nipple equipped wheels at Rampage without hesitation.</b>
<b>At 2030 grams, they're a pretty competitive weight for using an aluminum rim.</b>
<b>Finally, here are the Dirt Ride wheels for the dirt jumpers in the crowd. These use the same rim as the Demon wheels, and the rear hub uses a hardened steel axle with threaded axle bolts.</b>
<b>Sealed, replaceable bearings highlight all of the hubs used in Novatec's wheels, as does the anti-bite guard - a reinforced steel rib designed to make them last longer.</b>
<b>The red ano hubs have a nice ring to them.</b>
<b>For complete specs and more details, roll on over to <a href="" target="_blank"></a>.</b>
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From cross-country to downhill, Novatec likely has a wheel solution that fits your needs. Their 2013 line has been fine tuned for better, longer-lasting performance, and they've introduced a few new models along the way, including options in the 27.5-inch wheel size.

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