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The 2019 Enduro World Series is officially in the books and it wasn't until the very end that Sam Hill was able clinch his third overall title in Zermatt, Switzerland. Martin Maes won the pro men's race, Sam finished 2nd and Florian Nicolai, who was in the hunt for the overall win, narrowly missed out on unseeding Hill. Isabeau Courdurier, who had already wrapped up the women's pro title, took another race win on a bike she had ridden for two days, honoring the late Chad Peterson in the process.

Sven Martin and @maddogboris somehow survived to bring us the race day goods from day of massive, awkward descents.

Sam Hill dwarfing mountains, smashing corners, throwing boulders... @maddogboris
...and laying down a trail of smoke and molten lava, blitzing Zermatt like he had to, to pass Florian for the overall title and a second-place finish on the day. Sealing the deal with the Queen stage win after tying in points after a year of racing. -Sven Martin<br />
Last two riders down, you can see Sam Hill in the distance and Florian trying to close the gap. -Sven Martin
The man and the the magic that has helped Sam Hill win so many Championships and titles. Jacy Shumilak -Sven Martin
Isabeau flying on the high alpine stage four. Winning every round this year, and today on a new prototype bike that she rode just once the day before in training. She dedicates this win to Chad Peterson, who she worked with so closely. Sadly he passed away after being struck by a car a few weeks ago. RIP. -Sven Martin
Isabeau Courdurier had a perfect season winning all rounds with 4240 points. 1350 points ahead of Noga Korem. @maddogboris
Yeah Isabeau you did it! EWS Champion 2019 @maddogboris
Florian Nicolai, on the wild stage four, finished fifth on the day, just one spot off where he need to be to secure the title. Madness, but well-ridden all year. -Sven Martin
Florian Nicolai was one of the most consistent riders of the season and just missed the overall title by 40 points. @maddogboris
Martin Maes on the lunar alpine surface of stage four took the win today, in the shadow of the epic battle for the overall. -Sven Martin
That's how you rail the last corner of the 2019 season and win the race! Well done, Martin Maes @maddogboris
Yeah Antoine Vidal! He nearly won all rounds of the 2019 season and is your EWS U21 Champion. @maddogboris
Richie Rude missing the direct, inside line, but only because he can do the "slow" line faster than anyone else. Third on the day for the powerhouse. -Sven Martin
Richie Rude, the guy with the most stage wins in the 2019 season finished the race in 3rd. @maddogboris
ALN had an amazing season finishing the last race in second and ended up third overall @maddogboris
After suffering a mechanical, Noga Korem still soldiered on to finish the day. Luckily she already had second place in the overall wrapped up. Here she comes in too hot, trying to stay off the brakes with no chain and misses the bridge. -Sven Martin
Kevin Miquel stays super consistent to finish in fourth on the day and third in the series, despite having some bad luck along the way this year. His visor stayed on this round, until the podium that is. -Sven Martin
Multi-tasking. Cedric Ravanel catches his 30-second man on stage one and wins the race and the title in Masters. -Sven Martin
Karim Amour with a second place in Zermatt and a second place Overall just 25 points behind Cedric Ravanel. @maddogboris
Canadian U21 shredder, Lucy Schick, finished 3rd and wins the series title. @maddogboris
Beers, not champagne, for some of the hard fighters. Well done, ladies. -Sven Martin
The last Elite Men's race podium of 2019! @maddogboris
Your overall Men's champions. Sam Hill's cumulative time for the season's racing added up to four hours, forty five minutes and thirty five seconds. (thanks John Parkin) Think about that for a year. -Sven Martin
Yeow. Sam Hill three-peat Enduro World Champion. Chris Ball in audio. -Sven Martin
Rolling into the pits and race village after completing stage five. Neither Florian or Sam knew the final result yet but the congratulated each other on a year of great racing. -Sven Martin
Your series winners Sam and Issabeau. -Sven Martin
Dancing Queen Kevin Miquel! 4th place in Zermatt and 3rd Overall @maddogboris
Boris caught a swift right-hander from Ritchie after stealing his finish line beer. -Sven Martin
Kasper Woolley had a good race her in Zermatt, second place for the young Canadian. -Sven Martin
Shawn Neer was in third place, ahead of Ritchie Rude at one point. He loves the big, long stages and ended up in 11th spot after two bad final stages. Keep an eye on this rising American talent. -Sven Martin
Maes, Hill and Florian. -Sven Martin
Hill ,Maes and Florian. Job done. -Sven Martin
Who doesn't want to corner like the 3x EWS Champion, Sam Hill? @maddogboris
Tiago Ladeira finished the race in 5th and the season with a 3rd place. @maddogboris
Junior Women's podium on the day. First: Harriet Harnden, Second: Polly Henderson and Third Lucy Schick. -Sven Martin
Your hard charging Masters Women's podium. Top five race results count in the Masters. First: Louise Paulin, Second: Alba Wunderlin (Zermatt Winner) and third Mary McConneloug. -Sven Martin
The 2019 EWS Overall Winners. @maddogboris
Eddie had a big week here in Zermatt. He held on to his top ten, ran up the Matterhorn 4 times and ran the EWS Insta stories live feed. Diversification from the up-and-coming media mogul. @maddogboris
Rae Morrison matching her other best result of the year with a strong 6th place for the Kiwi rider. -Sven Martin
Dimitri Tordo taking one to the Torso, which he showed everyone later on the podium. -Sven Martin
Team of the year Canyon Factory Racing. Pin-up calendar coming soon. -Sven Martin
Ines Thoma on Stage1. @maddogboris
Ines Thoma had a rough start at the first 2 rounds of the season then found her consistency. 4th in Zermatt and 5th overall. @maddogboris
Gabriel Torralba had his best result of the year with a 14th on the day for the Spanish Orbea rider. -Sven Martin
Brady Stone, a solid third on the day and second overall this year. A great Junior first year for the Nelson, NZ native. -Sven Martin
Tough day for Adrien Dailly dropped him back to a still-respectable fifth place for the year. -Sven Martin
Great result for the German National Champion, Raphaela Richter. Third on this brutal day of racing. -Sven Martin
Matt Walker jumping blind where most hesitated and squashed, sending him into 8th on the day and for the series. Quite a result for the Kiwi. -Sven Martin
Yeow stoked Matt Walker! 8th in Zermatt and 8th Overall. @maddogboris
Morgane Charre had a great season and ended up in 4th place. @maddogboris
Harriet Harnden, a Tracy Moseley protege, won every stage but one to take a convincing 2-minute 47-second lead in the Junior Women's race. -Sven Martin
Remi Gauvin with a solid consistent year of racing bumping him up to 6th in the overall. Yeah, Remi. -Sven Martin
Youn Deniaud where he ended last year after a tough season with an injured wrist .He up-sized to a medium from this race for the high-speed, high-alpine and it paid off. 6th place. -Sven Martin
First race back for Damien Oton after two major back-to-back injuries just before the start of the season. Even managing an eighth place on the super-rough stage three. You can definitely expect to see him in the mix again next year. -Sven Martin
Mid-stage fondues and bars, perfect for spectators, or if you are on a riding holiday. -Sven Martin
Thank you Switzerland and the Zermatt Trail Love Festival. -Sven Martin
Fabien Barel has played a big role in Florian's career. @maddogboris
Richie Rude will be smashing it next season. Just wait for it! @maddogboris
Thanks for such a rad season Flo! @maddogboris
Pretty nice location to finish the EWS season, eh? @maddogboris
Anita Gehrig in front of the home crowd rode to a strong fifth place today. -Sven Martin
Jesse Melamed came back strong from his injury and ended up with 11th overall and a 7th place in Zermatt. @maddogboris
Joe Barnes smashing through the rocks on Stage 1. @maddogboris
Christian "Texi" Textor finished his first full EWS season with an impressive 21st. Overall. On Stage 2, it was just Texi and Dimitri Tordo who did this line. @maddogboris
Swiss Rider, Gusti Wildhaber, finished the race with solid 9th place on home soil. @maddogboris
Isabeau railing corners on Stage 4. @maddogboris
Noga Korem started the day with a mechanical, got if fixed after Stage3 finished Stage 5 on P2 and won the Queenstage Stage5. Second Place Overall for her. @maddogboris
2019 Junior Men Overall Podium. @maddogboris
2019 EWS Elite Women Overall Podium @maddogboris
That's it. The 2019 EWS season done and dusted. @maddogboris
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