UNREAL - Enduro World Series Day 2 Recon from Chile

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<b>The dirt in Chillan is simply amazing. It is loose, but at the same time has more grip than just about anywhere on earth. Cut spikes seemed to be the hot ticket for many riders today as riders recon'd Stages 4, 5 and 6.</b> -Dave Trumpore
<b>This is Nacho. He's organizer, course builder and shredder on both mountain bikes and dirt bikes. A man of many hats and sharp machetes. What a great job you Montenbaik guys have done. Bravo.</b> -Sven Martin
<b>Ludo f*$king May is absolutely flat out in practice today. Killing it for his new team.</b> -Sven Martin
<b>Curtis Keene weaves his way through the volcanic rock and ash just below the snow line on Stage 6. Like every other rider here, he is absolutely loving the terrain in Chillan.</b> -Dave Trumpore
<b>Walker Shaw gets dwarfed by the giant trees as he dives into the deep woods and Keene continues in audio.</b> -Dave Trumpore
<b>I could watch Jerome all day long, Perfect body, arm, head and shoulder positioning every time. Even in this whiplash-inducing, high-speed toboggan track.</b> -Sven Martin
<b>Martin Maes, despite a mismatched helmet and knee pads, still looking boss on Stage 4.</b> -Sven Martin
<b>Iago Garay dodging noxious sulphur fumes on the way to Stage 4 practice. The pipes in the background send natural hot water to the hot springs and pools below.</b> -Sven Martin
<b>Manuel Ducci leaned over in the hero dirt that simply keeps on giving. One of the most professional Italian riders on the international circuit.</b> -Sven Martin
<b>Nico Lau finished 2013 with strong results at the final EWS and with a win at Trans Provence. If he carries that same form into racing tomorrow, we have a serious contender this weekend.</b> -Dave Trumpore
<b>No Donkeys, no pick-up trucks, no Rolls Royce, no Miami, no pink (magenta), no worries. Dylan Wolsky letting nature do the talking. Stage 4.</b> -Sven Martin
<b>Francois Bailly Maitre from BMC. The big man making easy work of the chunkier rocks and snow up on Stage 6 with the big wheels. </b> -Sven Martin
<b>Hardtail class here for the Chillean Enduro racing. It's brutal on the bikes for sure. </b> -Sven Martin
<b>Fabien Barel carving high lines above the leaves.</b> -Sven Martin
<b>While many of the stages here in Chillan feature long and epic downhill segments, there are still some sections that will require riders to lay the power down. Fabien (not pictured) continues in audio.</b> -Dave Trumpore
<b>Stage 4's massive roots.</b> -Dave Trumpore
<b>Look closely at the carnage in this crash in the steep chute in Stage 6. Arm and foot pinned and bike wedged, Back wheel tacoed.</b> -Sven Martin
<b>Mark Scott melting snow with every pedal stroke in one of the only short climbs in Stage 6. This stage is long and truly has it all. </b> -Chris Ball
<b>This is the origin of the Termas at Nevados De Chillan. High up on the mountain, boiling water and steam flow right out of the ground.</b> -Dave Trumpore
<b>Josh Carlson. What a bummer. Besides missing out on the opening race, he is most bummed he's not shredding these amazing trails.</b> -Sven Martin
<b>The amount of sweat coming off Sven during our cold, 9 am hike to the top of Stage 4 just means he has that much less weight to lug around during hours of shooting.</b> -Dave Trumpore
<b>Both Dave and I have been borrowing the personal bikes of Eduardo from Montenbaik so we can shoot. Dave not bothering to use the brakes though #NFG. Thanks Large!</b> -Sven Martin
<b>Jesse Melamed loving Stage 6, just like being at home in Whistler. Let's see if he can repeat his great result from there.</b> -Sven Martin
<b>Roost is flying in just about every corner here.</b> -Dave Trumpore
<b>Rene Wildhaber looks quietly confident in every stage. While he may not be riding as aggressivly as some of stronger DH riders, he never seems to put a wheel out of place.</b> -Dave Trumpore
<b>Jerome looks aggressive from just about any angle as John Cancellier describes his day.</b> -Dave Trumpore
<b>Nico Quere keeping his Instagram updated this morning. It's not a bad thing when you are at a race but still feel like a tourist because of the awesome surroundings.</b> -Sven Martin
<b>This is just a small part of the view from the lift en route to the top of Stage 6.</b> -Dave Trumpore
<b>Hopefully a shot of the lift gives a bit of an idea for the epic that is Stage 6. Starting at the base of a volcano amongst jagged rock and snow, this stage has a mix of just about every possible type of terrain. #bestsectionofwoodsever</b> -Dave Trumpore
<b>The long, twisty and extremely steep woods at the bottom of Stage 6 prompted many riders to make a last minute move to larger rear rotors.</b> -Dave Trumpore
<b>Tracy Moseley was looking a bit more confident today, letting her bike roll, carrying good speed down the tricky open sections.</b> -Dave Trumpore
<b>Canyon has always run a cover over their rear shocks to hide the secret sauce, but this round they have taken it one step further by covering an entire bike.</b> -Dave Trumpore
<b>Liquid, solid and gas. All three forms of water are present as Cedric Gracia makes his way to the start of Stage 4. Iago Garay in audio.</b> -Dave Trumpore
<b>Ludo May tries his best to to blend in with the colors of his surroundings. #fishfromabove</b> -Dave Trumpore
<b>“You expected to be sad in the fall. Part of you died each year when the leaves fell from the trees and their branches were bare against the wind and the cold, wintery light. But you knew there would always be the spring, as you knew the river would flow again after it was frozen. When the cold rains kept on and killed the spring, it was as though a young person died for no reason.” Ernest Hemingway, A Moveable Feast</b> -Sven Martin
<b>This is why Vital loves Lars. He shreds hard all day and takes things seriously without being too serious. #teamcondor</b> -Dave Trumpore
<b>Sure it's been fun going on and on about the beauty and epic trail conditions, but tomorrow the war begins. Stay tuned for race day action on Vital MTB.</b> -Sven Martin
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After the first day of recon at the Enduro World Series race in Chile, we became a little weary of hearing how epic and awesome the trails were. Spoiler - it only gets worse after this breath-taking slideshow from the second day of recon in Chillan. The loam gets loamier, the flow gets flowier and the scenery just gets better.

The world's fastest mountain bikers were introduced to Stages 4-6, high in the Andes, where they tried to familiarize themselves with every twist, turn, root and rock. In just a short time, racing begins as the clock starts, so take in the sights of South America before the battle on the trail begins.

Sven Martin and Dave Trumpore drop a truckload of loam straight to our monitors. YEW!

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