Available now and ready to head to distributors is the RST Rebel inverted XC/trail fork. This Boost-only fork is available with 80mm to 140mm of travel, weighs about 2.1kg, and comes in just short of 1,000 Euros at retail. In terms of adjustability, the Rebel has low-speed compression and rebound adjustments. The air volume is not directly adjustable. The Rebel uses a coil negative spring, and a dual air spring is in the works. Wider dropouts make it compatible with SRAM's Torque Caps for improved stiffness. A two-piece axle design with keyways helps provide stiffness and keeps the axle from rotating. There is in fact a patent for a one-piece axle with keyways on the market, so to avoid violating that patent RST came up with this two-piece design. The orange color on display here at the show isn't scheduled for production initially, so the only option for now is black with silver logos.

Johan Hjord

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