Lezyne showed us their Digital Pressure Overdrive Pump, intended to take some pain out of seating a tubeless tire without an air compressor. Simply flip the foot switch up, which seals the air chamber, and pressurize the can between 100-150psi. Connect the pump valve to your wheelset’s valve and release the foot switch to inflate.

Another exciting one from Lezyne was this Micro Floor Drive XL pump. While it may take up a bit more space in your pack than a traditional hand pump, wide tire riders will appreciate the larger volume of the mini-floor pump. The fact that you won’t have to pump the hell out of a tiny little hand pump for 20 minutes to fill your 2.4-inch tire should make you smile more, too.

Lezyne showed us some pretty trick little hand pumps which all feature a digital pressure gauge. Models that include this feature are the Digital Alloy Drive, Digital Road Drive, Digital Pressure Drive, as well as a digital shock pump. All four pumps will retail for $75 each and should be available sometime in October or November, 2016. If you’re picky about tire pressure like we are, this should be a pretty exciting tool. Nothing ruins a ride like flatting and airing back up to an unknown pressure and feeling off for the rest of your ride.

Fred Robinson

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