The new KS Lev Circuit dropper post is electronically activated via Bluetooth and features 100, 125, or 150mm of travel. KS has been working on it for a few years and we're excited to see it come to market. It will enter production on January 1st. The post uses a hydraulic cartridge, is infinitely adjustable, and has an integrated battery in the post itself. The Southpaw-E 1x-specific Bluetooth wireless remote lever has a 3-axis adjustment to help you find the perfect position.

KS has recognized the demand for longer dropper posts and is answering the call. What you see here is the new Lev Ci in a 175mm travel version. It features a UD carbon mast and comes with a carbon remote as well. Moving to the carbon mast drops the weight considerably with the 175mm version slotting in at 458g in the 31.6mm diameter. Several of the other posts in the KS line are increasing travel as well, including the Lev, Lev Integra, and Lev DX up to 175mm and the Lev Si up to 150mm. The Lev, Lev Integra, and Lev DX will also be offered in the new 34.9mm diameter. The fatter post allows for a stiffer post to be made which is important as lengths increase.

Brandon Turman

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