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Here's an interesting one... check out the EightPins dropper post. It uses your bike's existing seat tube as the outer tube in conjunction with a special seat clamp. The design offers anywhere from 20mm to a whopping 220mm of travel, all dependent upon how much seat tube you have available. EightPins requires a special insert at the base of the seat tube so that it can be bolted to the frame. The post is supported by two bushings, can rotate in a crash, and the saddle height and drop can be adjusted independently. EightPins claims the post is up to 30% lighter than many of the competing posts on the market and is licensing the standard for free to frame designers. It uses a gas spring and is cable actuated with a simple remote lever. The post gets its name from the eight pins that help lock it into place. You'll notice two different seatpost head varieties. One is set back and one is standard. Both are licensed from Syntace who partnered with Eight Pins on the project. We tried the demo display and were surprised at how smooth the operation was. This is an interesting concept and we're intrigued to see how far the idea travels. 

Brandon Turman


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