You're looking at new carbon wheels from Industry Nine. This is the second generation of the PillarCarbon rims. They are a hookless design with no post-mold machining at 31mm internal width.

The Enduro wheel exists in both 24- and 32-spoke versions. The 24-spoke chassis gives the wheel a little bit more compliance and offsets some of the rim stiffness. Potentially too, the 24 spokes might even contribute to the wheel living a little bit longer. In any case, it offers a different ride quality to the 32-hole chassis. The Enduro wheel has boost and non-boost hub options available.

I9's Backcountry 360 is a new wheel being shown at Eurobike. Last year, Industry Nine introduced the Backcountry 450 which was a plus-size, super-wide rim. They are backing that down now to the 360 with a 36mm internal width, 32 hole only, and available in 29-inch or 27.5-inch size options. The Backcountry wheel gives the opportunity to XC and trail riders to explore wider tire options.

Johan Hjord

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