Formula's Linea hubs and wheels have a unique design. While most hubs have two bearings along the axle spaced at approximately 65mm apart, the Linea hubs have two bearings spaced at 94mm. The additional width helps to increase the bearing longevity and performance. The bearing housed underneath the cassette body is a very wide roller bearing. The hub is sealed to improve longevity as well. Formula has done several underwater tests to prove the ability of the hub to keep out water and debris.

Formula is also offering Linea wheels that cover everything from XC/marathon to trail/enduro applications. You are looking at 27, 30, and 40mm inner widths with availability in both 27.5- and 29-inch varieties, in both Boost and standard axle sizes. Formula has chosen to stick with alloy rims for this model year. The rear hub features 4 pawls, 60 points of engagement, and is connected to the rim via 28 spokes.

Brandon Turman

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