These prototype knee/shin guards approach protection from a different angle by providing more coverage without effecting breathability. The inventor of the AirCobra knee/shin protectors claims that they work well on long climbs thanks to the ability to quickly unhook the top of the pad. They feature adjustable tension at every point for a custom fit, a leg-warmer-style harness with silicone grippers to ensure security, and minimal touch points to avoid irritation. The design is modular allowing you to replace various parts as needed. As you can see on the proto, there are holes throughout for additional venting. Rockingtor expects to move the project into the pre-production phase by October with production models available late 2016. Price will be around 120 Euros. We dig the design as it provides additional protection while maintaining the clean look of a simple knee pad.

Brandon Turman
EUROBIKE - 2017 Mountain Bike Apparel and Protective Gear

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