Head and neck injuries due to rotation are "a real problem" according to Kali's Brad Waldron. He reached out to a company called ArmourGel when he saw a potential for the material they create to help reduce the negative impact of rotation in a crash. The green material folds over and rotates as needed, aiding the helmet's ability to protect you much like MIPS does. One additional benefit of the ArmourGel is that it is soft. Kali has always pushed for lower-density foams to protect from low-g impacts. This material addresses that need while also serving in the rotational aspect.

Kali put it to test in real life during Rampage 2015 when Nicholi Rogatkin had his crash that went viral, got back up, and finished his run. Waldron had hand-glued several of the ArmourGel strips into Nicholi's helmet prior to Rampage which may have saved Nicholi from a certain concussion. In the months since, Kali has analyzed Nicholi's crash using high-speed footage from Red Bull and duplicated it in a lab environment. This has allowed them to run multiple lab tests to determine exactly how effective the material is. What they've found is a reduction from 80% to 40% of a likelihood of a concussion in the case of Nicholi. Very impressive. Kali hopes to bring the material to their entire lineup at some point in the future considering its protective qualities.

One of the first helmets to receive the new ArmourGel material is the Interceptor. This is a helmet that will be ready in October. It features a BOA adjustment system, removable POV camera/light mount, antimicrobial pads, adjustable visor, and Kali's Nano Core technology. You can also expect ArmourGel to make its way into the Shiva soon.

Brandon Turman
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