The focus this year for EVOC has been their Climate Control (CC) line. Everything has a quick dry/airy focus, including the airflow design in the back, pads that don't absorb moisture, and even ventilation cutouts in the straps. An update to their Brace Link technology even allows for a bit more lateral twisting movement to give your straps more flexibility to conform to your shape.

Also new is the Hip Pack, a 3-liter fanny pack. The pack can hold up to 1.5-liters of water, has foam inserts on the back aiding air circulation, a decent tool compartment, a magnetic clip so you attach the hose to your shirt or around your waist, and has what they call the Venti Flap System. The Venti Flap System allows you to adjust the distance the pack is from your back so you can strap it down for the downhills and let it go a bit for breathability on the uphills. This pack may be small, but it is loaded with tech and looks pretty slick.

On the bike bag side, EVOC updated their bike carrier system to cater to all the new standards that exist to make sure you can fit any bike and hold it securely by the axles.

Johan Hjord
EUROBIKE - 2017 Mountain Bike Apparel and Protective Gear

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