The Carve lightweight upper body protective suit from iXS offers shoulder, back, chest, and rib protection. It uses X-Matter inserts, which is a "smart impact" foam. A mesh liner inside lifts the back protector off your back making it more breathable. The zipper, probably a first, is actually an elastic zipper along its length which allows it to conform better. The Carve will go for 179 Euros.

The Flow (not pictured) is a lightweight vest focused on back protection. The back protector is EN certified so it can be used for enduro racing wherever that is a requirement. It will be available in about a month or so and will retail for 159 Euros.

The Xact full-face helmet carries over a lot from the Xult. The main difference is that it uses an ABS shell and EPS foam instead of the fiber-reinforced polymer shell and X-Matter foam of the Xult. It has a similar ventilation layout with a few modifications, has an EPR pull-out system, and a double-D closure. The Xact also features a shorter visor. The shorter visor helps with getting the field of vision just right. It gives a bit of a different look, but this helmet is intended for bike park use. The Xact comes in a bunch of sizes which is good for rentals and kids. It is CPSC and ASTM certified. The Xact at 149 Euros compared to the Xult at 349 Euros offers a big step down in price, making for good bang for the buck.

The new Trail XC helmer takes design cues and many features from the well known iXS Trail RS. Those features, including the same retention system, just moved over into a slightly different package. The Trail XC is shorter in the rear, lighter, and slimmer overall than the Trail RS. The Trail XC will retail for 99 Euros.

The Race segment of jersey and shorts made from PET recycled polyester introduced last year includes a World Cup edition for 2017. The jersey has a soft collar and is neck brace compatible. The World Cup edition of the shorts loses the pockets on the front. It has just one small pocket in the rear - focused purely on racing application. There is a Bike Park edition which does feature front pockets. The Racing line is what they call a fitted line, having a cut closer to the body. The Bike Park line is a looser fit. The World Cup edition kits come in three different colors.

Johan Hjord
EUROBIKE - 2017 Mountain Bike Apparel and Protective Gear

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