ENDURO ACTION: Stages 1 and 2 from EWS Trestle Bike Park

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<b>Jerome Clementz was the first man on track today, just as the sun was breaking over the mountains. Tackling the gnarliest terrain of the weekend full-on, he managed a 3rd place on Stage 1 behind two accomplished DH riders and was 1st overall after Stage 2.</b> -Dave Trumpore
<b>Tracy Moseley continued her EWS domination. 1st on Stage 1 and 1st at the end of day 1.</b> -Dave Trumpore
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<b>Video by Tom Teller, courtesy of Shimano</b>
<b>Not to be outdone by the World Cup in Andorra, Stage 1 featured a finely-crafted wooded bridge. Rene Wildhaber drops off into another section of rocks. Rene has ridden just about every kind of trail there is and his experience paid off today as he sits 5th in the overall standings.</b> -Dave Trumpore
<b>Remy Absalon would end up 13th today with a list of fresh names and faces that you normally don't see in Europe above him.</b> -Dave Trumpore
<b>Even with zero light in the woods, Curtis Keene's custom bike and matching TLD kit still have plenty of pop. A minor mechanical on Stage 1 didn't stop him from a strong 6th overall after Stage 2.</b> -Dave Trumpore
<b>Huckin' for the Spirit of Enduro!</b> -Dave Trumpore
<b>Nate Hills is one riders that has the Euro's scratching their heads. He is sitting 7th overall right now just ahead of another local hero, Joey Schusler.</b> -Dave Trumpore
<b>Joe Barnes may be far from the UK, but the spastic CO weather has him feeling right at home.</b> -Dave Trumpore
<b>Ben Cruz had a solid run on Stage 1, but would fall victim to a flat in Stage 2, ending his hopes for a strong overall finish.</b> -Dave Trumpore
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<b>Video by Tom Teller, courtesy of Shimano</b>
<b>Stage 1 went in and out of come classic Colorado forest.</b> -Dave Trumpore
<b>Tubeless was the setup of choice given the rough and rocky conditions that faced riders on Stage 1.</b> -Dave Trumpore
<b>Lars and Bars probably doesn't care where he finished in this stage so long as he is out riding and racing with all his friends in the U.S. and A.</b> -Dave Trumpore
<b>Adam Craig had a wheel problem on Stage 1, but threw down some power on Stage 2 to pull some time back. With some big pedaling on the horizon, look for him to keep moving on.</b> -Dave Trumpore
<b>Rosara Joseph has been in Colorado for a few weeks now, but the high alpine singletrack of Telluride couldn't be any more different to the terrain on Stages 1 & 2 at Trestle.</b> -Dave Trumpore
<b>Anneke Beerten held her own on the rough and technical Stage 1 and finished just behind Tracey Moseley and Anne Caroline.</b> -Dave Trumpore
<b>In theory, it should have been Jared Grave's day. The DH style of Stage 1 and the berms and jumps of stage 2 played right into his strengths. Unfortunately after starting of the day with a stage win he had a derailleur explode on Stage 2 ending his hopes foe the overall.</b> -Dave Trumpore
<b>Mason Bond is knocking on the Top 10 after day one. Not bad for a California boy at 10,000 feet.</b> -Dave Trumpore
<b>Fabien Barel has found his form again this weekend and with a 2nd place on Stage 1 and 3rd in the overall for a French 1, 2, 3 after Stages 1 and 2.</b> -Dave Trumpore
<b>With two stages of racing and practice going on in the rain, the bikes were all in need of a little love at the end of the day.</b> -Dave Trumpore
<b>Duncan Riffle didn't have the best day today, perhaps due to a lack of hydration. I promised to have a refreshments for him on track during Stages 3 and 4.</b> -Dave Trumpore
<b>Nicolas Lau blurring the lines on Stage 2</b> -Dave Trumpore
<b>High speeds and a lot of pedaling on Stage 2 saw riders taking a variety of approaches to conserve energy. Some hammered the pedals and others tucked in and kept it low.</b> -Dave Trumpore
<b>Nico Vouilloz started the day a bit slow but went on the offensive on Stage 2, pulling back over 10 places in the overall and claiming a Stage win in the process. He starts day two in 2nd spot overall.</b> -Dave Trumpore
<b>When you are a 10 time DH World Champ and sitting 2nd place in the EWS, you get the attention of 50% Parkin brothers.</b> -Dave Trumpore
<b>Immediately following Stage 2, the promoters announced stages 3 and 4. Both require a solid climb off the top of the mountain just to reach the start. Riders were allowed to practice these stages in the afternoon after a morning of racing.</b> -Dave Trumpore
<b>Jerome Clementz proves once again that he is the man to beat at these EWS events. No stage wins today but he showed no weakness either. Two solid stages and with 10-second lead into day two.</b> -Dave Trumpore
<b>With 8am lifts to the top, two stages of racing and an afternoon of practice on long and rough tracks filling the day, riders (and the hard-working media) were spent. John Dawson and Duncan Riffle thankfully went that extra mile and cooked up some fresh pasta to stay fueled throughout the day.</b> -Dave Trumpore
<b>Oh what do you know? Right on time, the storms rolled in and and poured down rain and hail on riders out practicing for Stages 3 & 4.</b> -Dave Trumpore
<b>Joey Schusler in audio. It way be wet and the ground may be soft, but with the amount of pedaling on stages 3 & 4 you won't be seeing any spikes.</b> -Dave Trumpore
<b>No tears, but plenty of blood and sweat were put into chasing the world's best enduro riders all over the mountain to bring you these images. YEAH DAVE....YEW!</b> -Dave Trumpore
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Two stages down, three to go! Action heats up at the Trestle Bike Park as the first day of timed racing is in the books. Tracy Moseley and Jerome Clementz are the overall leaders after Stages 1 and 2. Enjoy the action from Dave Trumpore and video footage courtesy of Shimano!

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