Downieville Classic with Yeti Cycles

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Downieville has a long tradition of being being a 'real' mountain bike race, full of comradery and smiles.
Trail conditions varied throughout the event as Ross Milan discusses.
Cruising through the big trees.
Keeping the tires inflated is always a battle at Downieville. Mike West shares his experience.
Being out front is always the most fun.
From Dust to Glory.
There is no shortage of speed at Downieville.
Ross Milan talks about his excursion into the river...
Good times, good people. Downieville is a mountain biking paradise.
A quick stop to Lake Tahoe after the race made was a great way to end the trip to Northern California.
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Mike West and Ross Milan from Yeti Cycles experience the heritage-filled Downieville Classic MTB race.

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